Hadrian's Wall

3 books in series
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All Roads Lead to Rome Publisher's Summary

Ashlynn James was a southern Indiana country girl working on an archaeological dig along Hadrian's Wall in the Anglo-Scottish border country when she finds an ancient Roman coin among the rubble. Reading aloud the Latin inscription upon the coin's face, Ashlynn finds herself swept back in time to one of the ancient world's most dangerous empires, Roman occupied Britain. Enslaved, tortured, and molested beyond human endurance, Ashlynn climbs to the top of Hadrian's Wall and steps off into the darkness. Broken, but breathing Ashlynn survives the fall and is taken by Pict raiders to their village. Will Ashlynn find herself in the same torturous life of an abused slave or will she find, in this cruel land, a place to call home?
©2016 Jennifer Musgrave (P)2016 Jennifer Musgrave
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