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Set in Stone Publisher's Summary

Big Magic.
Big Adventure.
Lots of Humor.
Tomorrow, at 16, Connor will reveal his secret curse to the world and take his place as a guardian.
If he survives today.
When armies descend upon his peaceful village, led by superhuman Petralists and clever Builders, most people run and hide. Connor's not that smart. He manages to get caught in the middle of the escalating conflict. His curse is the rarest of powers and both sides will do anything to control it and secure his loyalty.
Connor is fast, but even he can't outrun this avalanche. Truths are sacrificed, loyalties are sundered, and dangerous girls twist his heart into knots.
That's when things get complicated.
While his friends try to free the village under siege, Connor peels back layers of intrigue and half-truths to find secrets neither side wants him to know. Surrounded by deadly enemies, Connor must choose a course with the lives of everyone he loves hanging in the balance. His only hope is to gamble everything on a curse that could destroy them all unless his final choice is Set in Stone.
©2015 Frank Morin (P)2018 Frank Morin
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