The Forever Romance

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Dancing Through Forever Publisher's Summary

My name is Gillian Hope and this is my true life story… of my lives.
I was murdered by my (somewhat) famous husband at the age of twenty-five, in my last lifetime. He also took his own life, leaving our two children orphaned.
I was reincarnated into a new life, this current life.
I fell in love with a spirit who began speaking to me on my twenty-first birthday.
He told me that he was my husband and that he had killed me in my previous life. Needless to say, I did not believe him.
He introduced me to God soon after who told me that he planned to teach me from that time onward so that I could share that knowledge with the rest of the world. He led me from that time onward.
I awoke spiritually at the age of 25…
I remembered who I was soon after that. I remembered my previous life. I also knew a great deal more besides that...I have been Gillian now, many times over… and I am always here to do the same thing.
I am here to help others awaken.
This is part one of my story. It is written as if it was fiction, but it is not fiction.
This is the life I have lived.
©2017 Gillian Elizabeth Hope (P)2017 Gillian Elizabeth Hope
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