Perseus Gate

6 books in series
4.5 out of 5 stars 38 ratings

The Gate at the Grey Wolf Star Publisher's Summary

In the Age of the Orion War....
After nine long years of searching the Inner Stars, Jessica and the crew of Sabrina have finally found the president's brother, Finaeus Tomlinson.
Now Finaeus has convinced them to take a shortcut through a jump gate - a new technology none of them have ever used before - located at a secret dwarf star mining operation.
But a mysterious group within the Transcend Space Force, known as the Grey Division, has orders to intercept and capture both Jessica and Finaeus.
Trapped at the bottom of a steep gravity well and surrounded by enemies, Jessica and the crew of Sabrina must find a way out of the Grey Wolf System and deliver the crucial information Finaeus carries back to New Canaan before even their allies are forced to turn against them.
©2017 M. D. Cooper (P)2017 M. D. Cooper
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