Gavin Holder Series

4 books in series
5 out of 5 stars 126 ratings

Gavin Holder Series Publisher's Summary

From Book 1: In the dark of the parking lot, I couldn't possibly have seen his eyes, but in my memory or my imagination, I saw them as dark pits of rage and madness. He came up swinging, or so I thought. I never felt the knife, it slid across my body so easy it felt like nothing more than a regular punch.
When a motel stakeout turns into a gun battle, Special Agent Gavin Holder stumbles across a vast and deadly gang-related conspiracy, including a secret stockpile of stolen money, drugs, and jewels.
The search for the treasure hoard leads Holder into a hunt for his own past, a woman who may hold the key to the missing millions - and to Holder’s own darkest secrets.
As his past closes in on him, Holder must find a way to take down the criminal gang, find the missing money, save the woman he loves...and not get caught. Or has he underestimated the magnitude of what he’s up against?
A suspenseful crime thriller in the classic noir tradition.
©2017 R. M. Galloway (P)2018 R. M. Galloway
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