The Sunnypoint Chronicles

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The Darkness of Sunnypoint Publisher's Summary

Exclusively on Audible. A Full-Cast Original Audio Drama for Ages 10 and Up.
"For a small, pretty town, we are surprisingly good at providing the unusual, the unexpected, the uncanny...."
Moving from the big city to the picturesque town of Sunnypoint seems perfect for Dillon and her mom. But the new house - a big, old Victorian - creeps Dillon out, especially the old trunk in the attic that seems to move by itself. As if that weren't bad enough, the tight-knit popular girls at her new school hate her instantly. Dillon finds solace with the quirky kids - Quinn, the film nerd, Birdie, the back-of-the-class wit, and Kumail, the history fanatic. Together they find a mysterious necklace in the trunk, and when Dillon wears it, all of her wishes seem to come true. For once the power may have shifted in her favor.
When one of Dillon's wishes is taken too literally, though, Quinn disappears, and she can't seem to wish him back. And her mom is suddenly acting super weird. Digging into the history of the house and its original owner, the kids decide maybe it's time to explore some darker magic to find Quinn. To undo what they have unleashed, they will have to delve into the deepest, darkest secrets of Sunnypoint - and face the lurking evil head on.
Welcome to Sunnypoint. Hope you enjoy your visit.
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