Raider Black Ops

2 books in series
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Raider Black Ops Publisher's Summary

Russia - An almost lawless country ruled by the FSB, dread successor to the KGB, criminal gangs and Pamyat, fanatical Russian nationalists. Organizations who will commit any crime, murder any civilian, even commit genocide, to further their cause. When a package of sensitive information is stolen in a well-organized robbery in Manhattan, it is soon tracked to the despotic hellhole that no sane person would want to navigate. Yet if the contents are made public, an entire nation will be ruined. Only one group of men can be trusted to carry out the task and retrieve that package; John Raider and his former SEAL buddies.
Unwilling to take on the job, Raider finds he has no choice when his family becomes threatened. He must enter the vast sub-continent, where their lives will be on the line the moment they step across the border. Raider's men find themselves embroiled in the politics and struggles of a country at war with itself. The police are criminals, and the criminals compete to carry out even greater atrocities, where human life is often measured against the value of a pack of cigarettes.
©2014 Eric Meyer (P)2016 Swordworks Books
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