Flowers vs. Zombies

6 books in series
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Flowers vs. Zombies: Genesis Publisher's Summary

A shipwreck; a deserted island; a horde of zombies; a single family fighting to survive.
This volume contains two thrilling tales:
After a tropical storm, the Flower family discovers a mysterious boat shipwrecked on their shore. An attempt to scavenge the wreckage awakens something dark and extremely dangerous. With the full weight of the undead descending down upon them, can the family prepare a strong enough defense? Or will they become the latest victims of a virus-ridden world?
Trapped aboard a ferry destined for their new life in the Philippines, the Flowers learn of a virus sweeping across the planet, turning people into flesh-crazed zombies. Early symptoms include a hacking cough, shortness of breath, and deathly pale skin. The exact same symptoms as a fellow passenger on board....
Flowers vs. Zombies. Let the apocalypse begin.
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