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Star Force: Origin Series, Books 1-4 (Volume 1) Publisher's Summary

The discovery of an ancient alien pyramid buried under the ice in Antarctica changes Earth forever. We learn that we are the forgotten slaves of a galaxy spanning empire called the V'kit'no'sat who abandoned our planet 100,000 years ago during a massive rebellion.
Our ancestors, the Zen'zat, were given special genetic powers and ordered never to reproduce under pain of death...for themselves and their offspring. That means Earth's entire population is illegal and if the V'kit'no'sat return to reclaim their lost border colony they'll wipe out every last one of us. And they can do it easily, for their technology and psionic powers are insane.
Earth has to find a way to fight back, and the corporation that discovered the pyramid does not turn it over to United Nations or any other government. Rather, the CEO spawns a new corporation called Star Force, funded from the new technologies derived from the pyramid, and publically proclaims its mandate is to facilitate the colonization of space.
In reality its purpose is to prepare Earth for the V'kit'no'sat's return. In order to do that we have to create spaceships, mechs, aquatic warships, aerial craft, and armored super soldiers all the while seeking to unlock the dormant genetic superpowers our ancestors left us.
And to lead them all, 100 carefully selected individuals from across the planet are chosen to undergo the most advanced combat training we can provide them...and after that, we're taking orders from them as they try to figure out a way to beat an unbeatable enemy without knowing how much time they have to do it.
Episodes in this set:
SF1: Inception
SF2: Integration
SF3: Nemesis
SF4: Trailblazer
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