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Catalyst Downward Cycle Publisher's Summary

The world wasn’t prepared. Now, those who remain will have to find a way to survive....
The solar superstorm wasn’t supposed to hit Earth - the odds were against it. And yet, without any warning, everything changed. In a remote oceanfront town, life begins to spiral downward after the storm causes a global electrical blackout. As planes begin falling from the sky, Scott Montgomery watches helplessly as pandemonium consumes the world around him. But the loss of electrical power is just the first of the problems facing the survivors in the chaos that follows.
Social order crumbles as a steadily growing number of people realize that there are no longer any consequences for their actions. While the thin veneer of normalcy stubbornly shrouds the mounting collapse, Scott discovers the truth - not just about the extent of damage to the world's infrastructure, but also the draconian plans one shadowy para-military organization has for regaining control and ensuring their own vision for the new with deadly consequences.
Catalyst is a shockingly realistic and largely fact-based tale about how society copes when the world is thrust back to a time before technology. Add this title to your listening library today!
©2016 J K Franks (P)2016 J K Franks
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