The Ialana Series

3 books in series
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The Six and the Crystals of Ialana Publisher's Summary

They were all born with a secret buried deep within. The journey they take, all guided by the same uncanny dream, is the key that will unlock their secrets. Six young heroes along with a seventh, leave the only homes they have ever known, and embark upon a life-altering quest to save their world and bring the universe back together again.
An adventure 500 years in the making, the saga to find and restore the Crystals of Ialana unites Jarah, Adain, Blaidd, Djana, Kex, Tristan, and Tegan. These young men and women ranging in age from 15 to 21 - connected through history and bonded by time - must find a way to stop the deadly encroachment of Amrafalus, the Dragon King and his army of scorpion-like combatants. Intent on creating a world of mutant slaves, Amrafalus will stop at nothing to destroy the only ones who can block him.
Their harrowing ordeal takes them through a maze of mountain caves where they face hideous creatures, perhaps none so dangerous however as one of their very own. A potential traitor in their midst. Will the six be able to survive their mission?
Guided by Irusan, the transcendental shape-shifter, the six young heroes ultimately learn to rely upon one another. They battle their way to the lost crystal, but will they find it in time? Or, will their enemy succeed in his mission to destroy humankind as they know it?
©2014 Karen L. Brooke (P)2016 Karen L. Brooke
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