Dusty Ayres and His Battle Birds

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Dusty Ayres and His Battle Birds #1 Publisher's Summary

From out of the distant past - or is it the far future? - flies top fighter pilot Dusty Ayres! America, you are next! As those words rang though the War Department room, officers gasped in horror. Fire-Eyes, emperor of the world, had invaded their secret council to hurl his challenge. And America knew only one answer - War Declared!
Rising to that challenge is Air Force Captain Dusty Ayres, flying the Silver Flash, accompanied by his fighting wingmen, Curly Brooks and Biff Bolton. But can these sky-slashing modern musketeers outfly and outfight the ferocious forces of the Black Invaders who already vanquished all of Asia and Europe?
Chapters: "The Black Invaders", "America Next", "War Declared!", "Mystery Orders", "X34", "The Black Hawk", "The Secret Drome", "Trapped!", "Agent Ten", "Hell Blows Up", "The Steel Snake", "Lightning Strikes", "The Devil's Odds", "Suicide Dive", and "Black Patrol". Bonus: "The C.O.'s Coffin", and "The Smoke-Screen Ace".
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