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The Between Times Publisher's Summary

In the days when the corporations rule the world. The middle class is gone and the cities are divided into upper and lower towns.
The upper towns are domed to protect the rich from the foul air that permeates the world, from the waste that fills the air, and fumes that blacken the sky from the smoke stacks of the factories. The water is heavily rationed in the lower towns and barely drinkable, so fouled by the chemicals that fill the rivers and springs.
While in the upper town the water is purified even in the fountains and swimming pools that grace the world of the high and mighty. The shops, boutiques, restaurants, and museums are crowded in the upper town, music can be heard everywhere, and the flowers grow tall and beautiful. While the people of the lower towns work six days a week, in sixteen to eighteen hour shifts.
There one day of is Sunday, it is then that the men and young boys must be found in church, while the women and girls are kept at home, for they are considered to be beasts for breeding and less important than the animals that grace the zoos of the upper towns. Food is scarce in the lower town and the only market is the company store.
The world has stepped back into the dark ages. Nearly all hope is gone to those not born into wealth and only the prophecy that one day a young woman will come who can control the magic of the between times keeps the poor going. It is said she will be able to pull on the energy of all those who are of like mind, wrap that energy together and send it into the world to remake it. Marta Moran Bishop takes the reader through a possible future.
Unlike Orwell's, Animal Farm and 1984, or Ray Bradbury's Fahrenheit 451, The Between Times is not based on the government "Big Brother," but rather it is written using a recent ruling by the Supreme Court that says corporations are people.
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