Hollister Sisters Mail Order Brides

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Hollister Sisters Mail Order Brides Collection Publisher's Summary

This is a box set of all five of the Hollister Sisters Mail Order Brides historical Christian romance stories. Sisters Julia, Lenora, Mary, and Sarah move west to Colorado to find love. Their father John follows a few years later.
Julia is the first sister who is sent to Colorado after her father realizes he can't support all of his daughters. Stone Michaels has become a successful rancher. He has everything he wants, except for one thing: a family. Will Julia willingly marry Stone, or will she return to her home in Virginia alone?
When widow Lenora runs out of money, she turns to her father for help. He starts communicating with members of a church in Colorado who are looking for a mail order bride for their pastor. After Jesse Grant lost his wife and two children in a fire, he has tried to make his way through life for the past couple of years. When Lenora arrives in Colorado as a mail order bride, she is shocked to see how surly Jesse is. Can these two people ever come to terms with their grief and find love with each other?
Mary Hollister never thought she would marry, but after she loses her job as governess for a wealthy family, she winds up being a mail order bride for Lester Packard, a man who moved to Colorado during the Gold Rush. The problem is, Mary isn't drawn to the crusty man she's married. Is it possible for Lester's heart to soften and Mary to warm up to the rancher who doesn't know how to treat a wife?
Sarah Hollister, the youngest of four sisters, moves to Colorado to become a mail order bride when her father can no longer support her. Her intended, Marvin Olson, has no intention of sending off for a mail order bride, but his brother Oliver has other ideas. Sparks do not fly at first, but after a series of disasters, everything changes. Is it possible for these two seemingly mismatched people to find love?
After widower John Hollister's daughters become mail order brides, he moves out to Colorado to be near them. Loneliness overwhelms him, prompting him to send off for his own mail order bride. His youngest daughter's disapproval stalls his wedding, sending everyone into a family dispute. Can John and his intended, Viola, ever find a way to be together?
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