The Misadventures of Max Bowman

3 books in series
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Dark Sky Publisher's Summary

First Lieutenant Robert Davidson. The son of an American military legend and a war hero who died in combat during the Afghanistan conflict.
Or did he?
The answer could bring down a secret military empire - as well as a guy named Max Bowman.
Max is a rude, crude and rapidly aging ex-CIA desk jockey who gets the job of tracking down the truth about Davidson - but his chances of actually discovering it are about half of that of finding a horse wearing a kimono. What Max doesn't know is that nobody wants the facts - and nobody expects Max to find them.
But Max has to pay the rent. So he takes on the job, which takes him on a road trip into the heart of America's darkness as well as his own, where he has to deal with exploding homes, brutal murders, a sexy heiress, a misguided teenager and Max's girlfriend back home, who's cursing him out on a regular basis.
And, oh yeah, a para-military organization that's just waiting for the right moment to kill him.
It all happens in Dark Sky, a sardonic and suspenseful mystery-thriller in which an underwhelming hero must confront an overwhelming conspiracy - not to mention himself.
This is the first book in the Max Bowman series.
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