Jeff Madison

2 books in series
5 out of 5 stars 8 ratings

Jeff Madison and the Shimmers of Drakmere Publisher's Summary

What if there existed a dark kingdom forged on a web of evil spells, with a conniving king plotting to infiltrate the dreams of children all over the world?
What if he and the wicked witch on his side could inject the sleep of every child with the most horrid of nightmares... And all they needed was one very particular boy?
When Jeff's brother Matt is captured and spirited away to the kingdom of Drakmere, he knows he must save him. But who are the mysterious, cloaked strangers on Matt's trail? And what do they mean when they say Matt is a dream catcher?
Soon Jeff faces a choice: He can follow the strangers through the moonglow doorway into the perils of Drakmere, or stay at home and risk the possibility of never seeing his brother alive again. And time is running out, because Jeff must make his choice before the last of the moonbeams passes and the doorway closes forever...
©2015 Bernice Fischer (P)2015 Bernice Fischer
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