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Counteract Publisher's Summary

Finalist in the international Wishing Shelf Book Awards 2015
Two teens are caught in the crosshairs when they discover a government conspiracy that could destroy their country in this timely, fast-paced thriller. 
Eighteen-year-old Tommy Bailey had no idea his dad was a Resistance operative who'd discovered an explosive secret: the government orchestrates terrorist attacks to keep its citizens frightened and compliant. After his parent perish in a car accident, both the government and the Resistance assume Tommy will continue his father's crusade, and the hunt for him is on. But which side will get to him first? 
Tommy would have been easier to neutralize if he'd followed the rules, but he defied them for a girl....
Tommy's dad wasn't able to expose the government's treachery before the next bogus attack, so Tommy, like everyone else, believes he has to take the Counteractive System of Defense antidote to protect himself from the toxins in the atmosphere. But when he defies the safety protocol during the "emergency" to come to the aid of Careen, an intriguing and complicated college student, together they discover that the Office of Civilian Safety and Defense, which is supposed to protect the people, is actually behind the attacks. 
Can Tommy and Careen help the Resistance break the OCSD's grip on the nation?
©2014, 2015 Tracy Lawson (P)2016 Tracy Lawson
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