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Trifling, Book 1 Publisher's Summary

Being the woman of a caked up hustler isn't always sweet, but Sparkle keeps her game face on. She resides in a nice home with her fiance' Sayveon, and infamous well known drug dealer. He has everything on lock from his hometown of Jackson, Mississippi to South Florida. Because of Sayveon's drug empire and lifestyle, Sparkle finds herself constantly being included in dramatic situations with his random chicks. He's one of the most wanted men in the Dirty South by the ladies.
Sayveon forces Sparkle to believe that if she's his 'ride or die' chick that he needs on his team, everything will end in her favor. However unknown to Sayveon, Sparkle falls in love with someone from her past. As the many women compete with Sparkle for Sayveon's love and affection - a trifling event develops. Will Sparkle choose loyalty or happiness? When it comes to a drug-lord everyone wants to become "wifey." But when the relationship is continuously tested, only the strong survive. In a dark world full of hatred, betrayal, and absolute chaos the question at hand is - are you able to play your role and withstand the drama from the streets?
©2013 Jennifer Luckett (P)2013 Jennifer Luckett
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