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Profitable Website Under Construction Step 1: Niche Down Publisher's Summary

Learning objectives:
At the end of this audiobook, you would have found your niche in the industry, which is the first step to venturing into a successful business online. You will know why niche marketing is viable. You will learn why you should focus on a specific target audience to ensure success in the business.
Expect to learn how to find a profitable niche by knowing how to find the right fit for your own character and passion. You will learn how to find a profitable product and/or service.
You'll learn how to know your reader's intents and use the information to find your niche and develop products and services that will make your target audience to keep on coming back to do business with your company.
You will be given a list of helpful tools to guide you in the process of finding your niche and developing your product and/or service. You can choose from these tools to help you understand how the market works and how your competitors are doing. The knowledge you get with the help of these tools will help you map up strategies to ensure your success.
Niche: How to Find a Profitable Niche Topic
Section 1.1: What is a Niche?
Section 1.2: What is Niche Marketing?
Section 1.3 The Importance of Finding the Right Niche
Section 1.4 How to Find Your Niche
Section 1.5 Four Steps to Finding A Profitable Niche
Section 1.6 How to Define Reader's Intent
Section 1.7 Competition Analysis Tools
Section 1.8 Find Matching Domain Names
Section 1.9 Useful Tools and Applications Review
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