Carruthers, Simpson and Biggs

2 books in series
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The Murder League Publisher's Summary

They were the murder league, a group dedicated to committing any murder for anyone. For the small sum of 1,000 pounds, the group would perform the killing for whatever the reason - love, hate, money, fun. All the client had to do was drop a line in their post box and the deal was done.
The murder league, three former mystery writers, perform their dispatches with a cool demeanor and the utmost dignity, with only their goal of 10 heads on their minds. Soon the spice has returned to their lives, but that is until everything begins to go wrong. Join this lovable group of vigilantes as they spiral into a world where committing murder is never as easy as writing about it.
©1968 Robert L. Fish; This edition published in 2014 by Open Road Integrated Media, Inc. (P)2015 Audible, Inc.
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