Sandi Webster

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A Well-Kept Family Secret Publisher's Summary

P.I. Sandi Webster's menopausal mother wants her to solve a century-old murder. Her mother's attitude causes armed and dangerous Sandi to feel like a gibbering child. Oblivious to her effect on her daughter, Livvie entices Sandi's cooperation with the story of a lost treasure.
In the meantime, a woman needs Sandi and her partner Pete to protect her from a stalker.
Can Sandi solve the murder and find the treasure before someone takes her life? Can she and her partner keep their client from harm with her interfering mother adding her two cents?
Sandi has more than a few surprises waiting for her.
This audiobook is relatively light and humorous, and Sandi shows what she's made of to all who know her. There's plenty of action, and the characters are just like you and me - maybe.
©2008, 2013 Marja McGraw (P)2014 Marja McGraw
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