The King Trilogy

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The Bridge to Caracas Publisher's Summary

Volume one of The King Trilogy, a truly amazing and gut-wrenching story.
How was an incredible $325,000,000 theft achieved using The Peace Bridge as a fulcrum?
It was a piece of national history. The story had to be told.
One of the largest and most audacious gasoline tax evasion scams in Canadian and U.S. history.
The perpetrator used The Peace Bridge, spanning The Niagara River, to facilitate his crime, and his private Cessna to transport the enormous fruits of the theft to the "safety"of a Cayman Island bank.
The scam netted an amount "that makes The New York State Lottery look like a Sunday school collection."
Cynical and remorselessly ruthless, the thief possesses a brilliant criminal mind, has enormous contempt for the law, police, governments, and the system in which they function. He assumes rules are for fools, and takes sadistic pleasure in breaking them.

The mechanics of the scam ( i.e. how such a gigantic theft was achieved)
The extent to which the lives of two star-crossed lovers were disrupted by this criminal
The character of the criminal, an unscrupulous individual with an absolute contempt for rules, the law, authority, and propriety
Why and how the story ended in Caracas, Venezuela
What happened to the fruits of his crime, and why
How much of the story is fiction, and how much is fact.
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