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The Boy Who Gave up His Dummy Publisher's Summary

This book is a story about a little boy and the path he took to give up his dummy. Giving up something that gives a child comfort can be extremely stressful for them. It's a milestone in their lives that can affect them in many ways. I wanted to produce a book that would help a child get over such a hurdle.
The book is aimed at parents who are trying to persuade their young child to give up their dummy (also known as a binky, soother, pacifier or doe-dee), without putting unnecessary stress upon them.
Our young son did not want to give up his dummy at all and so, this is a real story of how we handled the issue and how we succeeded. Please read the book to find out how we did it. I very much hope that you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed creating it.
This is just the first version of the book. Over the coming weeks I intend to add more illustrations to the book, along with creating a better eBook experience. I also plan to create an audio version very soon.
Lastly, this book is one of a series, so watch out for more from Jester - Books for Kids.
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