The Hungering Saga

2 books in series
4 out of 5 stars 106 ratings

The Noble Fool Publisher's Summary

Volume 1 of The Hungering Saga
A man is not great because he is a good man. A great man can be good, evil, or any shade of gray in between. A great man is a man who sees the world around him, and changes it to suit him, instead of letting it change him to suit itself. Lowin Fenly didn't want to be a hero, and he never thought of being a villain, but sometimes the path that must be walked by great men leads to dark places. Body twisted by dark magic, the scribe-turned-Knight must learn to control the beast he is becoming, or risk losing the few remnants of humanity he clings to.
©2012 Heath Pfaff (P)2014 Heath Pfaf
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