Landon Snow

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Landon Snow and the Shadows of Malus Quidam Publisher's Summary

CAUTION: TOO MUCH KNOWLEDGE MAY BE HARMFUL TO YOUR HEALTH. But not according to Holly Snow, who asks, “How can gaining more knowledge not be right? It’s good to be smart.” Her brother Landon disagrees. Trailing his little sister Holly, who has set off in search of knowledge, Landon Snow finds himself back in a world where books speak, secret staircases lead to other realms, and a golden coin rules the Odds. Landon spirals down into the land of Wonderwood, amid the shadows of the evil Malus Quidam, only to find that his sister has been put under Ludo’s spell. With the help of his old friends—a horse named Melech, the Odds of Wonderwood, and the poet/prophet Vates—Landon learns what he’ll need to do to defeat the shadows and set his sister free. But, he’ll need lots of courage. Will Landon be able to rescue Holly and rid Wonderwood of the power of the evil shadows of Malus Quidam? What are the “odds” that he’ll pull it off?
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