Dinosaur Cove

2 books in series
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Dinosaur Cove: Attack of the Lizard King and Other Stories Publisher's Summary

When Jamie and Tom discover the secret of Dinosaur Cove a whole world of adventure awaits them. There are dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes: some are friendly, but others are ferocious and hungry! In Attack of the Lizard King, Jamie and Tom encounter an enormous T-Rex who’s got his eye on the boys, while in Charge of the Three-horned Monster, a herd of triceratops heads their way so they have to hitch a ride on a dino to avoid getting squashed!
And in March of the Armoured Beasts, Jamie and Tom discover a baby Ankylosaurus who’s stuck in the mud. Can they save the little dinosaur before it’s sucked under? And what will happen when its mother returns?
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