Beneath Blossom Rain

  • by Kevin Grange
  • Narrated by Kevin Grange
  • 11 hrs and 32 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

In a remote kingdom hidden in the Himalayas, there is a trail said to be the toughest trek in the world—24 days, 216 miles, 11 mountain passes, and enough ghost stories to scare an exorcist. In 2007 Kevin Grange decided to acquaint himself with the country of Bhutan by taking on this infamous trail, the Snowman Trek. He was 33, at a turning point in life, and figured the best way to go when at a crossroad was up.
Against a backdrop of Buddhist monasteries and soaring mountains, Grange ventured beyond the mapped world to visit time-lost villages and sacred valleys. In the process, recounted here with a blend of laugh-out-loud humor, heartfelt insight, and acute observation, he tested the limits of physical endurance, met a fascinating assortment of characters, and discovered truths about faith, hope, and the shrouded secret of blossom rain.
Beneath Blossom Rain, Grange’s account of his journey, packs an adventure story, a romantic twist, and a celebration of group travel into a single entertaining book. The result is the ultimate journey for any traveler, armchair or otherwise. Along with high adventure, it delivers an engaging look at Bhutan—a country that governs by a policy of Gross National Happiness and that many regard as the last Shangri-La.


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Customer Reviews

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Fabulous book; decent narrator

I'd recommend this book to anyone! But, personally, I think Kevin needs to work on his narrating skills. Overall, listening to him read of his adventures inspired me to go make my own.
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- Walter

I really wanted to like this book, but....

I got this book because I was planning a trip to Bhutan. I really wanted to like it, but....I just couldn't. First, the narrator is simply not a good reader. I understand he is the author, but this is just another example about why professional readers are just that- professionals. When I spend money to purchase an audiobook I do not want a DIY version. After hearing the sample I would not have bought this book, except I REALLY wanted to "read" another book about Bhutan. I also have a fair amount of outdoor/wilderness experience so I thought that would be interesting.

Unfortunately, all in all I was disappointed. The author seems to make a mountain out of a molehill for so many things. It is true that the Snowman Trek requires a certain level of fitness (although it was made by a senior citizen in his group and the mother of his "love interest") but he basically was a tourist on a packaged excursion. He did not have to plan anything other than packing his own bag back at home. All decisions were made by the professionals, and there was an army of staff to set up camp, serve tea in bed, prepare and serve dinners in a dining tent, not to mention a guide with a satellite radio lest there be an emergency. There is really nothing more for him to talk about except for a sore back from sleeping on the ground, or having to watch his step on steep trails- nothing different than hiking anywhere. He only had to carry a daypack- the 30 horses carried the gear for his group. All this is much less demanding than even a local backpacking trip where you are truly responsible for all your food, water, equipment, finding campsites etc. I did not feel any of the adventure that comes from a journey full of unexpected challenges. Arriving every day at the campsite chosen for you, with your tent all set up and someone handing you a cup of tea, is not exactly my idea of an adventure story.

Another mountain out of a molehill was his "love interest"- He went on and on and on, agonizing about simply walking over to the neighboring group to say hello and have tea. The whole Ingrid subplot was juvenile at best and never went anywhere. You'd think this adult male had never spoken to a female before in his life.

I read half the book before going to Bhutan, and I thought the bits about Bhutanese culture and history were interesting, although none of it was very deep. I finished the book after my own trip to Bhutan, which made me realize how much of Bhutan and the culture he missed.

The writing style, as mentioned by another reviewer, was sophomoric. His "inner critic" was mostly annoying. One might wonder why he wrote this book, but you find out why at the end- which I will not give away in case you still decide get it after reading the reviews and listening to the sample.

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- Marilyn

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-19-2012
  • Publisher: Audible Studios