The Enchanted Princess

  • by Dawn Brower
  • Narrated by Sarah Brooke Sheehy
  • 4 hrs and 56 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

As the royal heir of Zelnon, Princess Elodie should be living a charmed life. It is enchanting in a diabolical way that could destroy not only her existence but those she cares about as well. Her coronation is set for her 18th birthday, but an evil force is determined to destroy any chance she has of becoming queen.
A week before her birthday a curse is enacted sending her to the nightmare realm of Malediction - sweeping her, a trusted guard, and the prince of a neighboring kingdom into its dark clutches. Escaping the world is impossible, but if they don't find a way out they will either die or become permanent residents of the dreamscape. If Elodie doesn't return home in time her kingdom could be lost to her forever.
As they battle for their lives, every decision exacts a monumental price. They must make sacrifices that will burn holes into their souls and every step brings new risks. With victory within reach, they realize that it comes with an irremediable loss and must suffer the consequences of their actions.


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Customer Reviews

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A fairy tale in the making

I enjoyed the story, it has all the hallmarks of a story that will be considered a fairy tale in the decades to come:
- Evil stepmother - check
- Forced betrothal - check
- Alternate love interest - check
- Knights - check
- A heroine unwilling to wait to be saved - check, check, check

I love that Princess Elodie is determined to be able to take care of herself, there is damsel in distress here! I'd read this again.

But I wouldn't listen to it again, nope, eBook here I come. I know I gave the narration 2 stars which suggests it was bad, but mostly it's just really REALLY badly edited. There are dozens of sections where the audio repeats because a mistake hasn't been edited out, some are small, just a couple of seconds a fair few are 10 seconds or longer, and in some cases the audio is there three times. It had a large impact on my enjoyment of the book.

This book was supplied free by the author/narrator/publisher and I voluntarily wrote this honest review.

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- Claire

Very Cute Story!

This was a really cute story! The fact that it ended on a huge cliffhanger? Well...I'll definitely be on the lookout for Book 2.

The narrator did a pretty good job overall, especially since she seems to be new to the narrating field. There were a few areas that caught my attention though. 1. The first 3rd of the story it seemed the narrator would move back and forth in relation to the microphone. I don't know if she realized this was happening, but with her voice going from normal tone to suddenly quieter...yeah, I noticed.

2. I've noticed that with some narrators (new or not) they'll read the story as it's written. Wait! Isn't that what they're supposed to be doing? Well, kinda sorta. To me, when a narrator reads exactly what's written the voice sounds stilted. For example (made up line), "She should not be going or else he will get mad;" this might sound fine but when I hear someone speaking it, well, saying it as "She shouldn't be going or else he'll get mad" sounds smoother and more natural. I guess I just prefer the contractions better. A similar area/issue is when words are pronounced exactly how they're spelled or what I refer to as proper English. For example, the word certain. It's pronounced: cer-tin by the narrator, yet, when speaking who actually pronounces the "t?"

3. Again, new narrator here so I can understand having a few issues. Well in the story after the princess and prince leave the witches house there was a lot of repetition on the narrators part. This is a first for me, I've never heard this in any of the audiobooks I've listened to. Obviously, when reading something for the first time, plus recording it, there will be some outtakes. Well, in this case, those outtakes seemed to included in the audiobook.

4. I don't want to leave the narrators part of the review on a negative note. She did a great job for her first time. She has a lot of potential as well and did a great job with male and female character voices.

On to the story:

I liked this one. It was original and held my attention the entire time I listened to it. Yet, there were certain words that the author used repeatedly that stuck out to me. Perhaps she was trying to sound smarter? I've listened to plenty of stories of like (audio, paper, e-book). The number word that stood out to me was "ascertain." Who actually uses that word when they're casually talking? I can't imagine many do. Yet, the author had the princess trying to ascertain, many times, what was going on. Sorry, randomness like this always stands out to me.

In the end, I'd recommend this story to others.
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- Melissa and Josh

Book Details

  • Release Date: 08-16-2017
  • Publisher: Monarchal Glenn Press