Molly Fyde and the Parsona Rescue : The Bern Saga

  • by Hugh Howey
  • Narrated by Jennette Selig
  • Series: The Bern Saga
  • 10 hrs and 46 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

It wasn't easy for Molly being the only girl in Flight Academy, but getting expelled was even worse. Abandoned by her family when she was young and now tossed from the only home she's ever known, her future looks bleak.
But then Molly hears that her father's old starship has turned up halfway across the galaxy. Setting off to retrieve the old craft, she hopes it will hold clues to his disappearance. Accompanying her as a chaperone is Cole, her old flight partner from the Academy.
Molly can't believe it. She's now the proud owner of her own starship. Her spring break is going to be spent traveling across the galaxy with a cute boy. Could things possibly get any better?
Little does Molly know, they are about to get much, much worse....


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Customer Reviews

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The Forced Was With Them

Is there anything you would change about this book?

Yes. I would go through the entire book and rethink all of the incredibly derivative events. For example, after writing the opening section, I would ask myself, where have I seen this before? An action sequence that turns out to be simulation for academy cadets that bears an Asian title. Oh yeah, Star Trek -- the Kobayashi Maru. Better rethink that and come up with something more original.

Then: A planet full of intelligent beings who resemble large humanoid bears. Hmmm. Sounds like -- Wookies! OK, these guys are way more intelligent than the dog-like Chewbacca, but still -- why write a species that is almost identical to one that was quite original when it first appeared in Star Wars, when there are an almost infinite number of alternatives, including those that may exist only within your own imagination, which would be a creative way to go about it, no?

Similarly: Jump into hyperspace and suddenly, unexpectedly appear in an asteroid field. Wait, this is no asteroid field, this is the debris of what was until recently a planet! Seriously Hugh? Nothing more original came to mind? You didn't think about rewriting this when you went back a reread your first draft? Or did never go back to rethink and rewrite your first draft? And editors: seriously? Has no one ever seen Star Wars?

There is not an ounce of originality here. This is just a plain vanilla space opera that is totally derivative of the seminal space opera, Star Wars. Guy and girl who pine for each other but refuse to admit it, accompanied by a metallic looking guy and a giant furry guy, ride their dilapidated space ship as they escape from one predicament just to fall directly into another, making totally unorthodox moves that somehow work out just right, and saving the free world(s) in the process. Seriously?

If you’ve listened to books by Hugh Howey before, how does this one compare?

I listened to this book because I was so impressed by Howey's totally original Wool -- yes, another dystopian post-apocalyptic near-future, but a totally adult version, highly nuanced and texturally paced, a surprisingly creative entry in a crowded field. I knew going in that Molly Fyde was YA, but I still expected Howey to be original, unorthodox. I never once expected him to be so, so derivative, so shamelessly or obliviously derivative.

Which character – as performed by Jennette Selig – was your favorite?

The performance was good. No qualms about how it was read, just what had to be read. Walter the Palan was the most interesting character, as written and as performed. Every other character was cardboard cutout from Star Wars, a Colorforms version of the highly familiar.

Any additional comments?

I once told a friend why I didn't like a particular movie, bashing it, as I have this book, for rehashing so many familiar characters and conventions and plot points from well known movies of the past. My friend's precocious ten-year-old son was listening in, and he cut me down to size by noting, quite correctly, that he was too young to have seen all those other movies, so this was his first experience with that type of movie, and he liked it.

Fair enough. Same could be true here. If you've never seen Star Wars or know nothing about it, maybe this will come off as an original work, maybe this will be your introduction to cadet simulations and hyperspace landings in asteroid fields and intelligent bear-like aliens. Otherwise, fuggedaboutit.

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- Dubi

Very teenie bopper.

Would you try another book from Hugh Howey and/or Jennette Selig?

Yes, the story wasn't bad but I wish there was a lot less of the does he or she love me or not stuff.

How would you have changed the story to make it more enjoyable?

Removed a lot of the teen love story aspect of the book. He could have cut out a lot of the constant blabbing by the main character about her feelings, and just hinted instead.

Which character – as performed by Jennette Selig – was your favorite?

she does all well, and I wouldn't mind listening to her again.

Any additional comments?

The story was good, though there was a bit of young puppy love stuff within. After listening to the rest of the books I understood why the author didn't explain alot about certain parts, because there is supposed to be a mystery behind the whole thing. However, I still felt as though they could have thrown a bit more of a bone to keep me more interested. I was on the edge of not getting the second book by the time this one was over.

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- w. kelsch

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-30-2013
  • Publisher: Hugh Howey