Hatred Day, Book 1

  • by T.S. Pettibone
  • Narrated by Joe Calarco
  • 14 hrs and 36 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

In the year 2052, it's not love but hate that unites the world. Humanity is unified against the Inborns, an extraterrestrial species with godlike intelligence and abilities, whose arrival on Earth caused an environmental and biological crisis.
Enslaved and despised even by her own Inbornkind, 18-year-old Snofrid Yagami reawakens to the world after having her memories stolen and is certain of only one thing: She will do anything to ensure her freedom. But her resolution is soon tested when the son of a high-ranking human official is murdered, and her home city becomes the center of an interspecies war - one that might see the Inborns purged.
Desperate to find a way out of the city for herself and her family, Snofrid risks making a deal with the manipulative Inborn commander, Hadrian, and his brutal cadre of soldiers. Her task is simple: take part in a historic hunt that will bring wealth and fame to all who survive. Unfortunately, Snofrid's role is one in which survival is rarely seen: the bait.


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Customer Reviews

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A fantastic book read by a slow narrator

This book is incredibly interesting, but before I can praise the story line, I need to talk about the narration.

Joe Calarco has a very pleasant voice to listen to, the reading for the female voices are great, and I really liked the musical interludes between chapters along with the sprinkling of sound effects here and there, BUT, I feel like this book is being read by an overly dramatic William Shatner impersonator. He. Talks. Like. This. And. Then. He. Emphasizes. CERTAIN. Words. For. Some. Kind. Of. DESIRED. Effect. When. It. Is. Not. NECESSARY. AT. ALL.

Seriously, the narration does not start off with the over the top William Shatner style of speaking, but it progressively gets slow and slower, and more and more staccato and dramatized. At first it was mildly distracting, then it was frustrating, and at 4 hours in it pretty much infuriated me, because it really dampers the weird but wonderful story line! At 5 hours in, I had to listen at 1.30x speed. Having it at that speed makes the narration sound like it is being read at a NORMAL pace. At 1.30x speed it does not sound like you are holding down the fast forward button; That. Is. How. PAINFULLY. SLOW. This. Narrator. Reads.

I had to skip some of the more emotional chapters, because the narration style was utterly unbearable. I eventually had to turn it up to a 1.35x speed later in the book, because I was so desperate to hear the rest of the story, but having to listen to an audiobook at that speed (out of pure necessity, even) really hinders what the book has to over. You simply do not get to hear much in the preview for this book, so I could not/did not expect to my negative reaction to the narration style. Thank goodness audible has a changeable speed function!

Perhaps it would be better to read a physical copy of this book. The narration style inflicted by this narrator is really a shame, because this book is fantastic!!!

The protagonist is a young girl named Snofrid, however, all the other characters in this book are more interesting than her. That is by no means a bad thing! I can greatly appreciate well developed characters even when they are not the dominant characters! Basically, Snofrid has lost her memories and she is on a mission to re-learn her role in the world. You learn more about the different species and hierarchies of this dystopian world as Snofrid goes exploring and handling various encounters and situations. Therefore, you get to understand the thrillingly dark work Hatred Day has to offer at the same time as Snofrid, not only though her own experiences, but through the other intriguing side plots of the other characters. This book is very multidimensional, and there are a lot of things going on, and (from what I can gather from the audiobook) it is very well written. The world created in Hatred Day is like a dystopian/cyberpunk crossover, and it is presented marvelously.

The story is very complex, and it does an outstanding job at character development without being heavy handed with descriptions. I would highly recommend it to lovers of sci fi and dystopian fiction, and while it is considered YA, I’m sure many adults can appreciate the multifaceted plot, characters, and settings.

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- Lemó

Well Worth the Credit !!

Any additional comments?

Overall really good story. Great concept. Creative, complex, interesting and an extremely enjoyable listen.

Finally a series that doesn't end in a huge cliffhanger. Yes, there is going to be at least one more book. Yes, there are many questions that are left unanswered, but there is no "huge" cliffhanger. Can't say any more that that and not spoil the story for those who haven't read it.

It would have been nice to have a prologue to set the stage and explain the history of the alien and human world and some of the events that have brought them to where the story starts. This would have cleared up some of the confusion in the beginning of the story as well as answered some of the many still unanswered questions. A short prequel book would be a great addition.

There's a little bit of everything in this story. Aliens, humans, alien human hybrids, an altered/damaged earth, special abilities, unusual beast creatures and more all wrapped up into a complex and entertaining story. Even though the story takes place in Oregon, it felt more like a global society.

Joe Calarco does a fantastic job with the narration. I really enjoyed it. Combined with the sound effects it really made the story and characters come to life. He has a nice voice that is easy to listen to. Great character voices male and female. Nice even pace that flowed smoothly. Fantastic job, well done. Hopefully he will be narrating the next installment.

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- Lori

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-18-2016
  • Publisher: Chrysanthalix Press