Wake Up! It's Feeding Time

  • by Ryback Reeves
  • Narrated by Pat Buck, Ryback Reeves
  • 6 hrs and 35 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Are you settling for less than your full potential?
Ryback, also known as "The Big Guy", may seem like he has it all - success as a professional athlete, health, money, and a physique to envy. But in Wake Up! It's Feeding Time he reveals that he hasn't always been so successful; he had to earn it.
The key to his success - and yours too, if you heed his advice - is to "believe in yourself, even when nobody else does", set smart goals, and work toward achieving them.
In this inspirational book, Ryback hands out gem after gem of useful life lessons, and he shows you how you too can take charge and live the life of your dreams.
A surprising and unique self-improvement book: If you thought WWE wrestlers were brawn and no brains, you'll be amazed by Wake Up! It's Feeding Time. Ryback shares with you an incredible number of practical things you can do to improve your life.
From nutrition and fitness tips to financial advice to how to focus, he covers it all. He gives you some of his favorite motivational quotes that inspire him to do his best, work hard, and overcome his challenges. He even shares valuable insights for how to forgive, how to love, and how to be your best in every way.
There's something for everybody in this book. Teens to grandmas will find motivation and inspiration in the words Ryback shares.


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How To Be Ryback

Ryback Reeves is a extremely talented and extraordinarily hard-working, athlete, artist, businessman, entrepreneur, motivational spokesperson, etc. Emphasis on the etc. But one thing Ryback is not, is an author.

If I'm going to review something, I review it with the utmost seriousness. If you are like me and you have lead a "for the most part" successful and growing career, and have actually kept in a very decent shape while doing it; then there probably won't be a lot that this book can offer you without seeming completely and utterly pretentious. However, if you find yourself with absolutely no free will, a hatred for yourself, a need to fix your life and most importantly look up to Ryback as a mentor/hero/role model in any way you most certainly can benefit from this near six hour read. Given that I am a fan and generally want Ryback to succeed in everything he does, I find it very counter-productive to completely shit on this audio book. Especially since I'm basically the first one to review it, people are going to look at my review for insight on purchasing this. That being said, I'm going to take Ryback's advice and tell you some truth.

Before I jump into this, I want to make it clear of a few things. I am a big fan of the big guy. I followed his career in WWE, have used some of his Feed Me More supplements, and even listen to his weekly podcast. I was a college level English tutor for over three years. And through that I have looked over Novels, Dissertations, feature length screenplays/scripts, dozens of creative writing projects, and hundreds of essays. So I think I know what I'm talking about when I review that "Wake Up! It's Feeding Time (insert extra long title that is nearly unmarketable)" is completely an organizational mess.

Have you ever been in a high school classroom and the teacher lectures you about the idea that you shouldn't actually mention the fact that your essay is an essay? Where saying "In this essay I'm going to tell you that this-" "while writing this essay I felt it important to-" Yes, there are very concrete and intelligent reasons that your teachers tell you this. Ryback seems to have missed this high school lesson, as he continually mentions that he is writing a book. Whether it's making mentions of movies that people may have never seen, or referencing words he heard from porn stars, he almost finds a way every hour to completely break the rule and remind everyone that, yes. You indeed bought his book.

"I truly believe there is no right and wrong" "There are a lot of bad and good people in this world" Both of these quotes are from the same chapter in Wake Up! It's Feeding Time. Now, I used this example specifically to dictate how unorganized this audio book is. This audio book will seemingly jump from the idea that we create our own destiny's into countless references to other books out there that have affected Ryback. This contradiction is one of many that fill Wake Up! It's Feeding Times' pages. (Well, it's almost like you get two books for the price of one given how much of The Secret's content he references.)

I'm not sure if Ryback Reeves had an editor look through this book before publishing. However, if he had a good one go through this, I truly believe that a lot of useless content from this book would have been cut. (side note: fire your editor) Oh, speaking of Believe, Ryback uses that phrase a lot throughout this book. More on this later in my review (see how weird that sounds?)

Ultimately, I respect Ryback's accomplishment's. I respect Ryback as a human. I respect Ryback as an entertainer. But even I found it very difficult to sit through hours and hours of Ryback; a Non-psychiatrist, tell me what feelings lead to what results. A non-parent, tell me how I should raise my kids. A non-scientist tell me what blood type is best for diets. A person whose hardest form of loss is dealing with the loss of a pet tell me how to deal with loss properly. And a Non-politician educate me on how I should view politics. These are the sections of this audio book I found the most dreadful as I couldn't help just feel the pretentiousness ooze from the words that Ryback says. For Nutrition, Addiction, Working out and time management. Go all in Ryback. These chapters (though would have been much better in a non audio form) gave me some interesting insight on Ryback's day-to-day work habits and overall I'll admit, there were some things he knew that I didn't. But I sat through an entire chapter on inspirational quotes and I'm telling you this was the chapter I couldn't believe didn't make it to the chopping block.

I understand Ryback gets a lot of flack for sounding egotistical. I'm not saying Ryback is unintelligent here either. Just that he basis no real sources for his information. Sure, every now and again he'll drop "doctor" this and "Author" that. But for the most part, Ryback relies on his beliefs and his feelings. Hence the jab towards the "I truly believe" comment earlier. I very much understand Ryback has listened to a lot of Audio books (mostly because he tells me about it a lot) that help support his belief system. However, every time I can't help but wonder why he just wholeheartedly speaks as if no one is going to challenge him. Oh is it because he'll destroy you if you do?

As I mentioned before, I listen to Ryback's podcast every week. There is nearly nothing that this book teaches you that you can't find out on his podcast. And honestly, it's far more organized and entertaining....OK maybe not organized. My point in bringing this up is that I know from experience that Ryback and fellow wrestler Pat Buck get a kick out of ripping on anyone who offers any sort of criticism towards either of them with complete negativity and judgement. Personally, I feel like it's a way to self-consciously feed their own ego's (at least Rybacks) but that's neither here nor there. I can't help but always think about this every time Ryback repeatedly states that "You have no right to judge anyone besides yourself" (a concept I highly disagree with and feel is very naive, but I don't need to state that here) All I can think of how last week you said people were losers for being invested and watching a three hour product that employed you for several years. Of how you insulted and belittled someone who wasn't your friend on social media, and then when backlash happened acted like it was a joke. Alright, as I go further and further I'm getting less productive.

Ryback, I have a BS in Digital Filmmaking and Photography. A double minor in Psychology and English. I work for the biggest portrait company across the United States as a traveling portrait photographer. I understand a lot of aspects of your life, and I'm saying this so hopefully you don't think I'm "some Mark hiding behind his keyboard" I'm not hiding. I'm not hiding behind some screen. I'm expressing my general opinion and hoping to spread awareness and show support. That being said, I also don't lie. I always tell the truth, it's something that we agree on and though I don't agree with everything Wake Up! It's Feeding Time puts on my plate. I listened to it any way and I felt it important to bring all this to your attention.

The book itself isn't a terrible read, and honestly it's just certain sections that make me cringe. The single thing that allowed me to drag through the DREADFULLY slow beginning half of this piece was Ryback and his passion. Ryback doesn't like to half ass things; and though the content of the audio book may have been below par, Ryback's performance probably ranks in the very best of any audio book I have ever listened to. Once the second half began, I started to become more used to the ideas Ryback was presenting. Though again, I don't have to agree to understand where he was coming from.

This is not a book you would listen to to learn more about Rybacks past. This is not a book to rely on to improve your life, only you can do that, and Ryback first attempt here is to be an acting guide on how he was able to do that. Though I stated earlier, Ryback is a lot of things. He is not an author. This is not a "A Professional Athlete's Advice on How to Succeed in the Game of Life" This a guide on "How To Be Ryback"

Thank you,
M.D. Williams
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- Matthew

wonderful read

a very good and. positive read. I can't believe how much I enjoyed this audio book
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- Harvey

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-17-2017
  • Publisher: Archangel Ink