The Sinner's Guide to Natural Family Planning

  • by Simcha Fisher
  • Narrated by Simcha Fisher
  • 2 hrs and 50 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

So, you've decided to use Natural Family Planning.
Has it blessed your marriage? Deepened your respect for your body? Has it made your sex life fantastic?
Do you and your spouse hold hands at sunset, and do pink flowers grow around your marital bed?
If so, this book is not for you.
But if you've tried Natural Family Planning and have discovered that your life is now awful - or if you feel judged or judgey, or if you trust NFP but your doctor doesn't, or if just you're trying to figure out how the heck to have a sex life that is holy but still human - you'll find comfort, encouragement, honesty, wit, and, most importantly, practical advice in The Sinner's Guide to NFP.
In a series of funny, frank, and profound essays, popular Catholic blogger and mother of nine Simcha Fisher shows what it's really like to practice NFP, and how to achieve those fabled "marriage building" benefits.
The Sinner's Guide to NFP helps you with:

NFP and your spiritual life
NFP and the rest of the world
NFP in the trenches
An easy and lively read, thoroughly grounded in orthodox Catholic theology, this book is packed with refreshingly frank insights about sex, love, and marriage. The next time you ask yourself, "If NFP is wonderful, why am I so miserable?" - don't panic. The Sinner's Guide to NFP is here to help.


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Customer Reviews

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Irresistible Even If You Completely Disagree

I am completely in love with Simcha Fisher's writing and spirit, even though we couldn't be farther apart in politics or birth control habits!

I was raised Irish Catholic, and my mother, born in 1925, was the first not to die in childbirth in her maternal line. She and I both embraced feminism, atheism, and contraception! -- but we also learned to think like Jesuit intellectuals, and that never leaves you.

Simcha's honesty, self deprivation, humor, and bravery working within her religious framework speak to me on a metaphorical level that I couldn't resist. I approached her, as an editor, after reading her blog, and virtually BEGGED her to write a book, offering to edit it. You are now listening to the result! I think this is one of the most original works I've ever edited.

Anybody looking for a best girlfriend to guide them through the tears, rigors, and rewards of the only Church-sanctioned birth control method has come to the right place. And anyone, like myself, who appreciates great writing and warm humor can stay too. But more than that, if you've ever been in a relationship where you made a SACRIFICE....hello, everyone... then this book will speak to you in ways you don't expect.

As the exec producer on this title, I auditioned so many people to read it and NONE of them were right. I kept thinking, "how can I get Simcha to read this when she has nine children to take care of, many of them in short pants?" The answer is: babysitting.

So here you have it: my favorite new author and narrator. I want to thank her whole family for being so supportive because it is worth every minute!
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- Susie "I'm Audible's first Editor-at-Large, the host of In Bed with Susie Bright -- and a longtime author, editor, journo, and bookworm. I listen to audio when I'm cooking, playing cards, knitting, going to bed, waking up, driving, and putting other people's kids to bed! My favorite audiobooks, ever, are: "True Grit" and "The Dog of the South.""

Best marriage/sexuality/spirituality book I've read

This book is so honest and real, and so far from the overly tense and legalistic treatments I've seen of this topic. Though I'm a man, this book nailed the male perspective better than any book by a male author I have read, and was utterly eye-opening about the female perspective. You can tell immediately that the author is deeply familiar with both the hearts of women, men, and has a heart that is both in love and in touch with the Lord. Beyond five stars for this book, (and I'm the type who usually gives four stars to even stuff I love.). Amazingly, despite being a book largely about NFP, I think this book would be wonderful for any marriage no matter how their spacing their pregnancies. No one will feel pushed toward NFP by this, they will only feel inspired to grow, love better, and follow the Lord more truly.
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- Brian T

Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-10-2013
  • Publisher: Audible Studios