The Jesus Trilogy: Choice and Will / Love and Surrender / Beliefs, Emotions, and the Creation of Reality

  • by Gina Lake
  • Narrated by Fred Kennedy
  • 7 hrs and 45 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

In this trilogy by Jesus, are three jewels, each shining in its own way and illuminating the same truth: You are not only human but divine, and you are meant to flourish and love one another. In words that are for today, Jesus speaks intimately and directly to the reader of the secrets to peace, love, and happiness. He explains the deepest of all mysteries: who you are and how you can live as he taught long ago. The three books in The Jesus Trilogy were dictated to Gina Lake by Jesus and include Choice and Will, Love and Surrender, and Beliefs, Emotions, and the Creation of Reality.
Choice and Will explores the complex, mysterious, and important question of who or what chooses. The question is important because our choices shape our reality and determine our experience of it.
Love and Surrender explains the role that surrender plays in releasing us from bondage to our conditioning. Surrender is the "miracle" that occurs when we are finally able to let go and let things be as they are.
Beliefs, Emotions, and the Creation of Reality explores the exciting arena of creation. It explains how beliefs determine our internal reality and, consequently, our external reality and how to move beyond limiting beliefs.
The three books in the trilogy are also available individually in paperback and eBook.


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Customer Reviews

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Christ is all in all

This book reveals how full of Christ you are by pointing to your Self. I love how we can love our Selves and have it be the least egotistical thing. For a long time I felt Holy Spirit reveal to me to love My Self. I figured if God tells me to love my Self it's more "egotistical" to say no God I couldn't. I'm just a worm". So I started purposefully loving my self and what's cool is as I did I began to see Jesus (who I really love!!!!!) shining through everyone I saw. This was an experience 1 showing me the power of my thoughts and 2 that Gods will (vision) is greater and overarching for everyone. Also I saw people as Christ they began to see themselves and me as Christ. Just a big Christ party! This book Jesus trilogy does just that. Opens my eyes to see Jesus in the ordinary and re encourages me to expand deeper into love and lose the definitions I needed to support my God experience and allows the Holy Spirit to Be the I Am beyond words ("written word brings death but spirit breathes and brings life abundantly".) this is Spirit. I feel like the early church was flowing in this revelation and as it says in the Bible the prophets longed to peer into things Now revealed. Well Now is the acceptable time and Now is Being revealed. Now Is... Being Revealed. Let's be. Thanks Jesus and Gina for Being light so I can share in it too! Blessings. Gonna start a relisten now'
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- Jeffrey Gilbert

a blessing for all who are in search of the divine

Loved it and pray that those whom come across this inheritance from the most high receive it with an open heart and I suggest to call upon the most holy spirit of GOD. With Love and Peace to all that is. Enjoy.
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- brenda gomez

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-03-2015
  • Publisher: Gina Lake