The Beta Male Revolution

  • by Alan Roger Currie
  • Narrated by Alan Roger Currie
  • 7 hrs and 24 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

If there is one audiobook available that allows men and women to fully understand why deceitful, duplicitous, and highly manipulative members of the opposite sex cheat and commit adultery regularly, then this is it.
For male listeners, author and professional dating coach Alan Roger Currie goes into detail explaining the difference in the appeal of an Alpha male versus a Beta male in the eyes of women and how each type of man satisfies different needs for women.
For female listeners, Currie explains the psychological effects of Dr. Sigmund Freud's Madonna / Whore Complex, which explains why many men view some women as being appealing as a casual sex lover only while categorizing other women as 'good girls' who they would have no problem entering into a long-term romantic relationship with or possibly proposing marriage to.
Part One of the audiobook offers a brief history of why marriage became popular in the 18th century and how later the Victorian Era encouraged women to present themselves to men as sexually pure and ideal candidates for marriage. In Part Two, Currie describes the difference between those men and women who are appealing only for casual sex versus those who are more appealing for long-term relationships and marriage. And finally, in Part Three, Currie offers detailed descriptions of the 'harsh realities' and challenges facing men and women today and what the outlook is for the future of dating and monogamous marriages.
If you want an audiobook that feeds into "romantic fairy tales" and highly invalid dating advice, then this is not the audiobook for you.
On the other hand, if you want an audiobook that is full of blunt, real-world dating advice that will help both men and women fully understand the psychology and motivations of the opposite sex, then purchase The Beta Male Revolution audiobook immediately and be enlightened.


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Drones on and on with the island story that lost me in the first hour.
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- Mike Mulligan

A good listen, but too many broad generalisations

This is my second review of an Alan Roger Currie audiobook. I first learned about Currie's distinction between Alpha males and Beta males from listening to his audiobook titled "Oooooh ... Say it Again." One thing I love about Currie’s audiobooks is his very engaging, and often times, hypnotic voice. Listeners will surely love listening to him enunciate his words and express his beliefs and opinions.

In both of Currie's audiobooks that I have listened to, Currie refers to men who are polite nice guys and classy gentlemen as 'Beta males,' and he refers to the egotistical and cocky jerk types (who are allegedly great at seducing women into their bed) as 'Alpha males.'

Those debatable and opinionated distinctions and labels aside, Currie does do a good job of asking his listeners rhetorical questions and offering somewhat valid opinions regarding both men and women's behaviour in today’s dating scene that provide you with food for thought well after you have finished listening to the audiobook.

This new audiobook by Currie makes the argument that women love to spend time with three (or really four) types of men for different benefits:

- ‘Total Alpha males’ for good, satisfying sex only
- ‘Total Beta males’ for emotional empathy and support, and platonic friendship only
- Men who are either 2/3 Alpha and 1/3 Beta (what Currie labels ‘Alpha males with Beta traits’) or 2/3 Beta and 1/3 Alpha (‘Beta males with Alpha traits’) who are the ideal type of men that women want to date long-term, or marry and raise children with.

The passage I had the hardest time digesting was when Currie suggested that all single heterosexual men are guilty of ‘FunClubbing,’ which means that men ‘pretend’ to be interested in being a woman’s platonic friend, but deep-down, they are really scheming and strategising to get into that woman’s pants. I don’t believe this for a minute! I have a great number of male platonic friends in my life that have never once made an attempt to have sex with me. I believe women have far more to offer men than just physical intimacy and sex.

I also do not believe that only Alpha males are good in bed, and that Beta males are always horrible in bed. I think polite nice guys could make great lovers for a woman, and that the cocky jerks could be totally disappointing a woman in bed because of their self-absorbed attitudes and lack of commitment to pleasing their female bed partners.

Overall, I think this new audiobook is a highly entertaining and enlightening listen for both men and women alike. Alan Roger Currie is a top notch self-help provocateur, to say the least. Alan and his seductive voice will have his listeners ‘marinating’ on a lot of what he had to say about the current state of dating and relationships between today’s single men and women.

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- Georgia

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-26-2016
  • Publisher: Mode One Multimedia, Inc.