The Beta Male Revolution

  • by Alan Roger Currie
  • Narrated by Alan Roger Currie
  • 7 hrs and 24 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

If there is one audiobook available that allows men and women to fully understand why deceitful, duplicitous, and highly manipulative members of the opposite sex cheat and commit adultery regularly, then this is it.
For male listeners, author and professional dating coach Alan Roger Currie goes into detail explaining the difference in the appeal of an Alpha male versus a Beta male in the eyes of women and how each type of man satisfies different needs for women.
For female listeners, Currie explains the psychological effects of Dr. Sigmund Freud's Madonna / Whore Complex, which explains why many men view some women as being appealing as a casual sex lover only while categorizing other women as 'good girls' who they would have no problem entering into a long-term romantic relationship with or possibly proposing marriage to.
Part One of the audiobook offers a brief history of why marriage became popular in the 18th century and how later the Victorian Era encouraged women to present themselves to men as sexually pure and ideal candidates for marriage. In Part Two, Currie describes the difference between those men and women who are appealing only for casual sex versus those who are more appealing for long-term relationships and marriage. And finally, in Part Three, Currie offers detailed descriptions of the 'harsh realities' and challenges facing men and women today and what the outlook is for the future of dating and monogamous marriages.
If you want an audiobook that feeds into "romantic fairy tales" and highly invalid dating advice, then this is not the audiobook for you.
On the other hand, if you want an audiobook that is full of blunt, real-world dating advice that will help both men and women fully understand the psychology and motivations of the opposite sex, then purchase The Beta Male Revolution audiobook immediately and be enlightened.


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Customer Reviews

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Read this! Me = alpha male with beta male traits.

I have been a follower of Alan's for at least 6 years. I knew I was not quite a Total Alpha Male. I don't feel comfortable with people at first. I know that part about myself.
But I still think this book should be read by everyone. Simple advice but palatable for everyone. It makes sense how he describes the general trend of interactions between men and women. It's changing. I see it myself. Alan just puts it more simply and succintly.
Even though I have followed Alan a long time, I noticed a few gold nuggets in this as well. Him narrating this just puts brings the points home harder.
Highly recommended.
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- Stephen Harper

No More Obligatory Monogamy = The End of Cheating?

This is Alan Roger Currie’s most comprehensive audiobook yet. I would recommend that if the gals listen to just one audiobook of Alan’s, this should be the one they listen to. For the guys, I think this should be the first or second audiobook that they listen to. I happen to be one of Alan’s few female listeners who has listened to and reviewed each of his four audiobooks, and this one doesn’t disappoint. This audiobook will make listeners better understand why Alan wrote his other books, Mode One, The Possibility of Sex, and Oooooh … Say it again.

In this audiobook, Alan expresses that he believes marriage simply does not have the same appeal for men that it did prior to 1960. If not worldwide, at least in the United States. Alan believes there are just way too many dishonest and adulterous men in the world, and even many more dishonest, manipulative, and adulterous women in the world. Alan doesn’t so much blame men or women, but rather he places the blame squarely on the flawed concept of obligatory monogamy and marriage itself. Alan believes that natural, organic, completely voluntary monogamy works out better for couples than forced or obligatory monogamy.

Also, Alan bluntly dispels the myth that all gals are only looking to connect with polite gentlemen, and go out of their way to avoid interactions with the bad boys and womanizing cads. Alan refers to the polite gentlemen as ‘beta males’ and the womanizing cads as ‘alpha males.’ I can say as a woman that most women don’t want a bad boy as a husband or steady partner, but for a casual shagging here and there, many of us women love the aggressive, masculine, and extremely dominant and kinky nature of the bad boy types.

I feel that the gals who listen to this audiobook are going to be left with mixed feelings, particularly if they aspire to be married someday. Some gals will learn new things from this audiobook about the overall mentality of men and their myriad of egotistical insecurities, while other ladies will criticize some of Alan’s strong opinions about women’s manipulative and materialistic behavior and his seemingly strong disdain for marriage, monogamy, and platonic friendships between men and women. I think all of the guys who listen to this audiobook will gain a better understanding about how some women operate and play games with men. Personally, I think this is Alan’s best audiobook for both the guys and the gals to listen to and learn from.
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- rebeccajlsk

Book Details

  • Release Date: 07-26-2016
  • Publisher: Mode One Multimedia, Inc.