The Art of Persistence

  • by R.L. Adams
  • Narrated by Smokey Rivers
  • 7 hrs and 43 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Many people in life talk about wanting to achieve something. So many people have lofty goals, dreams, and aspirations, but not many people follow through with realizing them. And, in fact, many people move further and further away from them with each passing day.
Why is that?
Life can be convoluted at times. Sometimes, we're merely in reactionary mode and we lose sight of what we're aiming for. We're so busy responding to external stimuli, that we forget about the goals that are important to us, and we slip back into our negative patterns of behavior.
By understanding our underlying beliefs, habits, and the reasons why we really want the things that we do, we can renew a start of pushing towards the life of our dreams.
Learn to Live an Extraordinary Life
There are a lot of resources out there touting to be the answer to our desires. From get-rich-quick schemes to fad weight-loss diets, we see them everywhere we turn. And, this seemingly ceaseless cycle of bombardment has us chasing our tails from left to right. It's time to exit the perpetual cycle of defeat and failure, and start living an extraordinary life.
The Art of Persistence is about learning to reboot your life and assess what really matters to you. It's about how you can leverage some of the simple secrets to long-term success to move you closer and closer to your dreams each and every single passing day.
From a foundational psychological understanding of why we do the things we do, to a formulaic approach to achieving anything in life, this book sheds light on the subject of goal setting in a whole new way.
Moving Past Failure
The most difficult part about achieving our goals in life, is coming up against failure. We've all failed many times, but how many of us have been able to use those failures as building blocks? How many people have been able to leverage their failures as stepping-stones to really succeeding in life?
Most of the time, we're in the midst of a fear that grips us, forcing us to hold back our dreams for success in life. When fear takes over, the mind shuts down, retreating from the potential for pain. Learn how to leverage the pain and pleasure paradigm to fuel you, and build an awareness to what it is you really want in life.


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Customer Reviews

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Amazing and Needed Inspiration

The Art of Persistence is hands-down one of the only audio books that you can take seriously. It reads in a way that allows you to keep pace and easily relate to what you're hearing. It communicates those self-thoughts and emotions that we know we experience in our own psyches on a daily basis. At some points I felt that the narrator was describing the very way I felt. The Art of Persistence helped me with my ability to harness my mind and focus my efforts on goals that I had set for myself over my lifetime. For me it was not difficult to determine my goals, I just needed to take responsibility and push forward without making excuses any longer.

Listening to The Art of Persistence has changed my life in a dramatic way, and I would encourage people struggling with similar issues to give it a try. The mind is such a powerful aspect of self - often underestimated. Simply listening and taking heart to what is said in this audio book will amaze you.
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- Let's Read Charles

The Truth About Success

Would you listen to The Art of Persistence again? Why?

Yes I do intend to listen again as this book is a very valuable resource for self-motivation and inspiration.

Any additional comments?

"We need to fail to become the decent, successful human beings that we want to be. That’s the most important lesson you will learn from R.L. Adams The Art of Persistence. In this audio book, Adams doesn’t just relate his own experiences, but also the true life facts of famous figures such as; Sylvester Stallone, Thomas Edison, Walt Disney and many more. What do all these people and many of the most successful people in the world have in common? They were all spectacular failures, multiple times over, but they also all had the determination to persist. As a professional writer myself, this book struck a chord with me. I can say from my own personal experienced that the author is absolutely correct about the struggles and hardships that we all face to realize our dreams. If you seek happiness and fulfillment in your life you will be faced with challenges and at times you will fail. What sets you apart is whether you give in and stop fighting, deciding to just accept the status quo, or if you keep fighting, ignore the naysayers, and persist until you live your dreams. Adams does a great job of emphasizing how important it is to try and fail and keep persisting, and how to change your life to achieve the success you want by sticking to your goals." Mike Gagnon - Author & Illustrator -

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- Michael Gagnon

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-26-2014
  • Publisher: R.L. Adams