The 21-Day Minimalism Challenge

  • by 21 Day Challenges
  • Narrated by Francie Wyck
  • 1 hrs and 0 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

The 21-Day Minimalism Challenge, the first book in the 21-Day Challenge series!
Are you tired of stress and clutter collecting in your life?
Are you ready to take action, get off the beaten path, and learn more about the benefits of minimalism?
By living a more minimalist lifestyle, you invite calm and quiet into your daily life, you become more efficient, and you take action with more conviction than before. You don't fall prey to cheesy advertising, and you make your own goals. You think of money as a tool to reach your goals, and not the goal itself.
Being minimalist in today's world can feel a bit like swimming upstream. This book will be a good starting point, a catalyst, and maybe even a kick in the pants if you've had enough of chaos, mess, and disorganization in your life.
Listening about minimalism is a good start, but minimalism is something to do - it requires action! Therefore, each of the 21 days will have a unique exercise that you can apply in your own life right away. With each new challenge, you will move towards a more organized and simplified life.
The 21-Day Minimalism Challenge will help you to:

Get a deeper understanding of what minimalism really is and how it can improve your life
Let go of belongings that no longer serve you
Recognize the different areas in life that can benefit from decluttering such as relationships, diet, and time commitments
Develop new shopping habits
Find your own minimalist style
And much more inside!

Learn how minimalism can create more calm and focus in your life today! Are you ready to take the challenge?


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Actionable advice and tips to start living a minim

Where does The 21-Day Minimalism Challenge rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

The “21-Day Minimalist Challenge” is a useful book if you’re looking for a quick introduction to the philosophy of minimalism. The book provides actionable advice and tips to start living a minimalist lifestyle in 21 days. Each day, the book gives you an exercise to do in order to reach your goal, making the process practical and easy to follow.

I’m moving house this summer and this book gave me some motivation to really get started with decluttering. This will not only save me time in moving all my stuff, but I have to say it also feels refreshing to throw away things you don’t really need!

Minimalism, however, is much more than just decluttering alone: it’s also a way of life and a new, refreshing perspective on things. In the West, we are so used to treating physical possessions as absolute necessities for our happiness. But are all those possessions truly necessary and aren’t we much better off collecting moments instead of things? This book will help you declutter, but by giving an insight into the philosophy of minimalism it also invites you to form a new perspective on what’s truly important in life. Very useful book!

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- Mike

Happy to find this guide in audio format

I'm happy to find this guide in audio format!

It's wise and deep, yet makes me laugh out loud every now and then because of the author's witty humor.

The biggest eye opener for me was that, without really realizing it, I thought I would be happier if I had more money, a beautiful car, a big house etc. But the thought of one of my best friends who has all this kept nagging me. He is still in this state of "not enough", still wanting more, which makes him feel exactly the same as I do: needing more before I can be happy. This book touched on this issue with the advice not to chase happiness by owning and accumulating more stuff, but instead to focus on living a MEANINGFUL life and collect experiences and memories rather then material possessions.

I also liked the part where you are encouraged to find your own style of minimalism. This really took some pressure off of me; realizing minimalism should be about a feeling of relief and liberation, not about deprivation and unhappiness.

It's a 21-day challenge, but the author says that this is just a guideline, you can spend a little longer on some days if you feel you need to. I chose to spend 2 days on each day, making it more like a 6 week challenge which combined better for me with the demands of work. 6 weeks gave me plenty of time to process everything, while keeping me motivated with a new exercise every other day. If you're working fulltime like me, I would recommend this, or do the challenge during a holiday period.

In summery, if you like the concept of Minimalism, but aren't sure how to start implementing it in your life, I can really recommend this challenge.
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- Jordan

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-29-2016
  • Publisher: Kemah Bay Marketing LLC