TextAppeal for Guys!

  • by Michael Masters
  • Narrated by R. C. Bray
  • 2 hrs and 32 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Wouldn't you like to know:

Why she texted you so much before but now nothing?
Why your multiple texts are killing the attraction?
Why she is playing so hard to get?
Is she actually interested in you?
How to have her text you back immediately?
How to safely flirt with the amazing results?
How to have her waiting for your text rather than the opposite?
What if...

She were the one texting you all of the time?
You could get her to respond, right now!?
You could get that really hot girl to finally pay attention to you?
You stopped feeling so much anxiety over that one girl because too many girls were paying attention to you?
I promise you this, if you read this book and apply it's principles, you will have so much more success with women. Imagine, all of the cash you are leaving on the table by not understanding how to get what you want! Imagine, all of those dates with so many hot girls that you didn't go on simply because you couldn't text right!
Seriously, texting incorrectly can crush your chances with women permanently. I can't tell you how many women have vented to me their frustrations at what you are doing. These women want you to understand, they want you to say the right things! But like breaking wind midsex, it is incredibly easy to snuff attraction. Let me teach you to really understand the opposite sex, and land that date with that really hot/amazing girl.


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Customer Reviews

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Good book if you have never sent a text.

What would have made TextAppeal for Guys! better?

The author writes this book toward someone with little or no experience using text messaging technology. He gives an example of an elderly woman who makes a comment about not understanding why people send text messages. That woman should be this author's target audience. EVERYONE ELSE SHOULD NOT WASTE THEIR MONEY. Case in point; The author makes a point of emphasizing to the reader that a text message does not need to be responded to immediately. Really? Who knew? And here I've been jumping at the sound of every text message that I get, even running out of movie theaters, responding to text messages because I thought that they had to be responded to immediately!!! Seriously, unless if you are less than 5 years old, or more than 75 years old, stay away from this waste of time.

Would you ever listen to anything by Michael Masters again?

Probably not.

You didn’t love this book... but did it have any redeeming qualities?

I don't know because I couldn't make it through the entire book. The first 30 minutes were so absurdly stupid that I just couldn't take anymore.

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- Matt_C


What did you love best about TextAppeal for Guys!?

This is honestly one of those audiobooks that I never dreamed of buying, but I had to be honest with myself. I was not good at texting women. Texting really has changed the "game" and has added some new rules along the way. I figured I was lacking in this department and went on a limb to buy the book. I am glad that I did, it's a great book!

The book covers a lot of topics, some including: Why texting is good and bad at the same time, general texting rules (things to do and NOT do), how to use texting to build attraction, how to maintain balance, damage control, etc. The authors writing style is sometimes a little edgy, but hilarious (you may even feel guilty for laughing sometimes). However in the end I still have to say that the content is solid.

While I wouldn't take EVERYTHING he says seriously (he is tall and mentions that he was a model at some point, so this may have improved his chances of success with some of his more aggressive tactics), I still think that the majority of his information has merit.

I think this is definitely worth a read for pretty much any guy since texting is here to stay.

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- Fulltime Vagabond

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-11-2013
  • Publisher: Podium Publishing