Summary: Getting Things Done

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  • Narrated by Kelly Rhodes
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"Getting Things Done" contains the indispensable experiences of David Allen who gives you a comprehensive view on how to achieve a more accomplished life. Following his strategies will definitely leave you with a sense of triumph as you steer your efforts in the right direction. Life doesn't come in neat packages; if you want to be able to complete even the most intimidating of to-do lists with ease and learn to streamline your workflow, read on!

Speaking of strategies, it is essential to utilize people and tools that are proven in terms of their competence and efficacy to the best of their abilities. At the same time, we also need to alleviate the stress of those who burn out because of their existing work habitats. A holistic approach provides a positive environment, ensuring retention of principles at workplaces. It guarantees that the best, hardworking people have the space to grow and nourish. We realize this is essential in organizations dealing with adults, yet often overlook it in regards to our children studying in schools and colleges. They are not equipped with the skills to help themselves process information, build real life connections, and learn the appropriate action to take in order to achieve the best possible outcome. Most importantly, it is required for all of us as individuals to best utilize our capabilities and opportunities to improve ourselves and the world around us.

"Getting Things Done" talks about the control we can have over our life. Allen lays out work-stream discipline and individual productivity protocols in a straightforward format. The book utilizes a horizontal and vertical configuration to inspire you, allowing you to see the immediate results of your efforts as you go along.

This audiobook is a three course meal. In the first course, it gives you a brief overview of the system, explaining why it is unique and timely, followed by the basic techniques in their simplest form. Second, the book explains how you can implement the system based on your own understanding and pace using the details of the model. The last course goes through the details of this model, suggesting ways to achieve better outcomes by adopting the book's methodologies into your routines.

What the book guarantees is not only possible but accessible right away, and easy to practice as well. It does not require any new skills. You are already familiar with concentrating, establishing priorities, setting goals and taking action accordingly, reflecting on your actions, and making choices. You'll also confirm that all the things you already know and have been practicing unconsciously and subconsciously have been right. It suggests new and more effective ways to raise your basic skills in addition to offering new behaviors to surprise your mind.


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  • Release Date: 09-30-2016
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