Practice Perfect

  • by Doug Lemov, Katie Yezzi, Erica Woolway
  • Narrated by Brett Barry
  • 7 hrs and 58 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Rules for developing talent with disciplined, deliberate, intelligent practice.
We live in a competition loving culture. We love the performance, the big win, the ticking seconds of the clock as the game comes down to the wire. We watch games and cheer, sometimes to the point of obsession, but if we really wanted to see greatness - wanted to cheer for it, see it happen, understand what made it happen - we’d spend our time watching, obsessing on, and maybe even cheering the practices instead. This book puts practice on the front burner of all who seek to instill talent and achievement in others as well as in themselves. This is a journey to understand that practice, not games, makes champions.
In this book, the authors engage the dream of better, both in fields and endeavors where participants know they should practice and also in those where many do not yet recognize the transformative power of practice. And it’s not just whether you practice. How you practice may be a true competitive advantage. Deliberately engineered and designed practice can revolutionize our most important endeavors. The clear set of rules presented in Practice Perfect will make us better in virtually every performance of life. The “how-to” rules of practice cover such topics as rethinking practice, modeling excellent practice, using feedback, creating a culture of practice, making new skills stick, and hiring for practice.
Discover new ways to think about practice. Learn how to design successful practice. Apply practice across a wide range of realms, both personal and professional. The authors include specific activities to jump-start practiceDoug Lemov is the best-selling author of Teach Like a Champion.
A hands-on resource to practice, the rules within will help to create positive outliers and world-changing reservoirs of talent.


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Customer Reviews

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Practice Makes Permanent

If there's one thing I got out of this book, it's that practice makes permanent. This actually might be the only thing I got out of the book, but it's something I've thought about every couple days ever since listening. When I'm driving, and I realize I haven't been paying attention, I remember that I'm making a habit of distracted driving and make a conscious effort to perk up for a few minutes. You hear "Practice doesn't make perfect, perfect practice makes perfect", but it wasn't until I listened to this book that I realized crappy practice makes you even crappier. The rest of the book didn't leave much of an impression as it focused heavily on the profession of teaching, and I'm not a teacher. I'm glad I listened to it, but am unlikely to listen to it again.
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- Alexandra

Improve at improving

The authors have been involved in teaching teachers to be better at what they do. So there are multiples levels to the anecdotes and data - the responses of the teachers to undergoing training, and the results in the classrooms they control.

The data comes from the education field, and that is certainly the authors' area of experience, but it is in no way difficult to extrapolate to any areas of skill development.

The main thrust of the message is that when people perform a task they will plateau at a certain level unless there are deliberate steps taken to improve. It then goes through various rules (many of which seemed to massively overlap) to apply when improving a skill.

While reading the book I was in the process of teaching my niece to drive. As a result I was able to integrate what I was learning about practice immediately. I think both of us benefitted from it!

It is not one of the myriad of popular neuroscience books, nor is it a full self help manual, it falls somewhere in between. This book is not for everyone, but there are lessons in there that everyone would benefit from understanding.
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- Mykl Devlin

Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-04-2012
  • Publisher: Audible Studios