Poker: Poker Strategy

  • by Ace McCloud
  • Narrated by Joshua Mackey
  • 1 hrs and 18 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Caution: This Poker Strategy Book Is So Powerful that It Will Give You a Massive Advantage Over Those You Play Against!
Are you tired of losing at poker even though you know in your heart that you could be playing better? Do you hate that sinking feeling in your stomach when you have been bluffed out of your winning hand? Do you wish you knew what to do in key situations that would maximize your gains and minimize your losses? Poker is a tricky game and if you aren't using professional strategies, then get ready for a lot of heartache and that terrible feeling of walking away from the table a loser.
If you are sick and tired of not getting what you deserve at the poker table then this is the poker strategy guide for you! This book covers a wide variety of strategies, techniques, and methods that you can easily use to greatly improve your poker game! In the following book you will discover a large variety of psychological tactics that you can use to help predict what your opponent is thinking and what their next play probably is. You will also be able to calculate what the odds of success are for a particular hand and what your best playing style will be to maximize your winning potential.
If you are looking for practical techniques on winning at poker and coming out ahead, then look no further. In this masterful guide you will learn proper betting strategies, great bluffing tips, along with gaming strategies that will allow you to take advantage of the game mechanics, just like the professionals do. We will also go over the best styles of poker play and then show you how to incorporate the ones that fit your play style the best into your own game. You will also get tips from world class poker players who have won millions of dollars so that you can take advantage of their thousands of hours of gaming experience. If you are looking to get a massive advantage when you play poker then simply buy this audio now.


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Customer Reviews

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Poker Strategy & Preparation Perfect for Novices

I’ve always shied away from poker at casinos, because it felt like luck played too much of a part in the outcome. I’m a Blackjack person myself – I understand it well enough to know how much strategy can affect your game in addition to luck. Poker, however, always seemed ruled more by luck than anything else, and yet people have made careers out of playing it. I’m planning a trip to Vegas, and I wanted to find information that might be helpful to someone who doesn’t really play poker, and I found this one to be pretty good.

This book is quite comprehensive, so I think it’s great for novices. It describes not just what to do during gameplay, but also how to prepare. It gives advice on become a more focused person generally so that, once you begin to play, you can use those skills to observe your opponents and keep an eye on the cards. The book also gives preparation suggestions, such as going to poker forums on the internet and finding a poker mentor, and also practicing online and in casinos. I particularly found it helpful that the book talks about casino etiquette. I’m not new to casinos, but I don’t go often, and it’s easy to forget the little things that can get you sniped at by the dealer or glared at by the pit boss. The book then goes into detail about what you can actually do during the game, plus strategies – bluffing, avoiding giving tells, observing tells in others, slow play, knowing when to raise/call/fold, etc. It even talks about the different types of poker players and how to play against them. Definitely worth checking out if you’re just getting into poker or are thinking about giving it a try.
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Poker made easy

We play poker week and I constantly found myself losing. I wanted to up the ante for our next game so I purchased this book. Let's just say things have changed and I'm no longer on the losing end. This book gave me the tips and strategies I need to feel confident in my game and finally win. My favorite part was the chapter about sizing up your opponents. I never realized how much of poker was really about reading the other player's tells. Great book overall.
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- Desiree LaBombard

Book Details

  • Release Date: 11-12-2015
  • Publisher: Pro Mastery Publishing