Overcome Procrastination

  • by Glenn Harrold
  • Narrated by Glenn Harrold
  • 1 hrs and 16 mins
  • Speech

Publisher's Summary

This powerful hypnosis recording by best-selling self-help author Glenn Harrold has been designed to help you overcome procrastination and to become so much more creative, motivated and spontaneous. Overcome Procrastination is a special hypnotherapy recording that will help you connect with your potential and become much more motivated and determined in all areas of your life. This audio book includes a 10-minute daytime bonus track called Feel Alive which you can listen to when you are awake and active. If you are forever putting things off or you struggle to get things done and move forward, this is the recording for you.
The hypnosis session will give you more self-belief and an ability rise to overcome difficulties and feel inspired to take action and get things done. With regular use of the recording and by absorbing the post hypnotic suggestions you will develop more enthusiasm and cope more easily with the ups and downs of life. Getting things done will naturally feel good to you and when you have something that needs doing, you will get on to it, get it done and move forward. And you will really enjoy the feeling of taking action and being decisive.
This powerful hypnosis recording will help you become so much more creative and spontaneous in all areas of your life.
Post hypnotic affirmations include:

I love to get things done
I enjoy finalising projects
I overcome challenges easily
I am motivated and inspired
I completely believe in myself

Overcome Procrastination features:

Glenn Harrold’s calming voice guiding you into a completely relaxed state of mind & body
Powerful meditation techniques, state of the art digital recording technology and unique sound frequencies
Soothing background sounds recorded in specific musical keys and frequencies to deepen the relaxation effect
Hypnotic echoed affirmations which pan from ear to ear across the stereo range - a deeply relaxing, unique effect


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Customer Reviews

Most Helpful

Ideal for the Procrastinator who can't sleep!

I've become used to Harrold Glenns voice after listening to the several of his subliminal sleeping and mental health audios. It took some time, as a West Coast American, the UK accent can be a bit distracting but he speaks in such a soothing and rhythmical manner that after a period of time any english speaker can grow to get used to his voice.

That being said, I decided to try something different. I'm retired and have used that as an excuse to sometimes stay abed for hours, listening to audio books, reading, or just frittering time away when I know I have things to do.

Especially right now, when I'm supposed to be packing for a winter cruise-I just don't have time to waste so I purchased this inexpensive audio by Glenn and find it very helpful. In the week that I've used it at night, I've been up and about in the morning..!!early!! in the morning.. and find myself muttering "GET Things Done" to myself for no reason. Just last night I couldn't seem to fall as keep and discovered that Get Things Done is a key phrase in Glenns anti-procrastination mantra. Now I know why it's running thru my mind.

I have 4 different subliminal go to sleep audios, and decided to choose a different one-and decided on Procrastination. Fortunately I can set my iPad to turn off in 30 minutes so I don't need to listen to the 'wake up' portion of Glenns audio. If I haven't gone to sleep-or I wake during the night-a common occurrence-I just put on another audio and doze back to sleep to positive suggestions about something or other.

I especially like the Solfeggio Meditations. They are based on an ancient musical key and each note has some physical or mental thing it's related to. Read the info on them and do listen to the samples. The music is very soothing and combines with Harrold Glenns voice to make a wonderfully relaxing audio to help you sweetly doze off to sleep.

I expect I'll eventually collect all 6 of them.

Glenn has self help self hypnosis audios to assist with almost everything from nail biting to drug addiction to weight loss. There is even one for your child to improve their self esteem

Highly recommended for those who have problems going to sleep and don't respond well to medications
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- Elle

Great audiobook

I love this peaceful meditation and I listen to it every night, also there is an 11 minute chapter for mindfulness that is good for getting up in the morning. The two main meditations, each about 30 minutes are great! His voice is very soothing and the audio sounds are high-quality. He has you repeat after him as he says affirmations like, I live my life to the full. Very good for motivation and does help with procrastination
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- frank

Book Details

  • Release Date: 05-20-2013
  • Publisher: Diviniti Publishing Ltd