Instant Scholar

  • by Christopher Warnasch
  • Narrated by Christopher Warnasch
  • 2 hrs and 13 mins
  • Original recording Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Scenario: You've just finished dinner on a first date. The person sitting across the table from you leans in and says, "Well, this has been interesting. The mephitic aroma wafting out of the kitchen added flavor to your prosaic prandial gibbering. I think I'd really like to spend the rest of the evening eschewing you." Do you:
(A) Yell "check, please" and prepare for a romantic follow-up to dinner.
(B) Ask, "So, do you want to see a dessert menu?"
(C) Laugh and hope that was the right response.
(D) None of the above.The answer is, of course, (D) None of the above. Words are powerful, words are interesting, and with a little preparation, words can be on your side. It's true that people judge you by how you express yourself, but there's no need to be at a loss for words. Instant Scholar: A Shortcut to a Sophisticated Vocabulary will give you exactly what you need to speak and write with style, precision, and elegance. This entertaining program will help you:

Put 160 indispensable words on the tip of your tongue for use at all times.
Speak and write in a way that turns heads and commands attention.
Get the most out of reading and conversation.
Make a great impression.


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Customer Reviews

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Great learning tool

This book was a great learning tool for those of us with a less than intellectual vocabulary. The only thing that is the downfall to these types of audiobooks is you can use the words correctly all day long but try to spell them! Having no visual on spelling hurts. If the author would have spelled the words out after the exercises, maybe that would have been better. I didn't like the fill-in the blanks review at the end of each exercise simply because I don't learn well that way without seeing the sentence. But overall this was a great cd to listen to over and over during work or on the way home. Every time I listen to it I learn another word. Most people will pick the vocabulary right up, although you may have to listen a couple of times to get the pronounciation. The readers are funny also, that always helps. Alot better than a monotone teacher. I work at an Architect firm around people that, let's face it, are a bit smarter than me. But now I understand a lot more of what they are talking about. I get approving and admiring looks when I use certain words correctly in conversation with the boss. (I wouldn't go crazy with it though, then you just sound silly)
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- Mari


The voices and continuous relentless stupid dialogue between the readers of this is unbearable. Maybe it's meant for kids, but even my 5 year old newphew said, those people are really dumb. I couldn't stomach more than 30 minutes of it.
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- Patricia

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-08-2002
  • Publisher: The Princeton Review