Horses Never Lie, 2nd Edition

  • by Mark Rashid
  • Narrated by Dan Lawson
  • 7 hrs and 6 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

A revolutionary approach to the techniques of working with horses, by a renowned instructor.
In Horses Never Lie, renowned horse trainer Mark Rashid challenges the conventional wisdom of "alpha leadership" and teaches the listener to become a "passive leader" - a counterpart to the kind of horse other members of a herd choose to associate with and to follow. Applying Rashid’s principles and techniques helps cultivate horse personalities that are responsive and dependable regardless of the rider. Reliving Rashid’s experiences with him, you will come to feel the same sort of compassion and appreciation for your horses that you do for the people in your life. This new edition features added introductory notes for each chapter that contribute to a more complete understanding of Rashid’s methods and philosophy.


Audible Editor Reviews

Narrator Dan Lawson's tenor voice has a naturally affable quality, and his performance of Horses Never Lie expressively conveys the friendly wisdom behind renowned horse trainer Mark Rashid's methods and philosophy. Rashid's experiences with horses are narrated in a companionable manner, and his techniques in cultivating passive leadership with horses are easy to understand. Lawson does not overemphasize the audiobook's lessons, choosing to apply Rashid's maxim that the best way to guide is to let horses - or, in this case, listeners - figure things out on their own.


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Customer Reviews

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First, determine whether your animal is a Horse.

Would you listen to Horses Never Lie, 2nd Edition again? Why?

I'll be listening to this again and again. I'm a dog lover and grew up with horses. horses have "prey minds" dogs have "hunter minds" but the relationship between people and their animals has a lot of similarities. Listening to this book brought back the best of my history with horses and from there the author added a lot to think about.

What did you like best about this story?

This book isn't a "how to" book, it's a parable, with lessons told in the form of stories.

Any additional comments?

I'll be buying more of this author's books. Any one who teaches any being, including self teaching -- will benefit from this book.

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- Julia

Wonderful book - horrible narrator!!

What made the experience of listening to Horses Never Lie, 2nd Edition the most enjoyable?

I've never written a review for Audible but felt I had to because I'm so disgusted with their choice of narrators for thus book. First off, I absolutely LOVE this book and this author. I'd never heard of Mark Rashid until purchasing this book and after only a couple chapters I liked his writing and his message so much that I immediately bought his other books. I'm a huge fan of Parelli but now I think I might like MR better. Everything he says about horses is spot on in my book, as well as what he says about most "professional trainers". I recently adopted a rescue horse that was starved and abused by her former owners and I think MR books will be invaluable in helping me with her.

But as to the narration, is is the most awful narration I've ever listened to in my life, and I listen to a lot of audiobooks. It sounds like the narrator is trying to be "over the top proper" but it comes off SOO irritating!! Every "a" and "the" and every other syllable is pronounced "perfectly" and he speaks SOOOO SLOOOWLY - which is enough to drive me batty! No one really talks like that! No one, and certainly not an old "cowboy" horse trainer, so it's even more ridiculous considering the book he's reading! And this guy obviously has never even been around horses because he REALLY butchers any horse- related vocabulary. If you're going to narrate a book you could at least become familiar with the subject matter and vocabulary!

In fact, it sounds like this guy isn't even really familiar with ENGLISH. It sounds like he studied English through a phonics program, but never actually listened to any real live Americans speaking it. As a result he comes off sounding more like a computer generated voice than a real person. It's so bad that I finally had to stop listening to the narration and just read the book myself. His narration was actually distracting me so much I couldn't pay attention to the book, and it's too good a book to miss. Adding narration to the book was a total waste of money, however. I will definitely be more careful in the future and review the narration before I buy it and I will NEVER buy a book narrated by this guy again! He needs to find a new career - one that doesn't involve speaking.

PS It's not that I have a problem with "proper English" at all - I'm usually a stickler for it, and my favorite narrators are British, who speak a lot more properly than most American narrators. But this guy is an American who seems to have no grasp of how his fellow Americans speak, and it comes off sounding ridiculous, condescending and annoying.

How could the performance have been better?

Get a different narrator - one who knows how real Americans actually speak. This one was the most ridiculous narrator I've ever heard!

Any additional comments?

Get a new narrator!

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- APmama26

Book Details

  • Release Date: 02-15-2013
  • Publisher: Audible Studios