Horse Tricks, in 2 Parts and Featuring Dr. Sutherland's System of Educating the Horse

  • by G.H. Sutherland MD, Keith Hosman
  • Narrated by Wyntner Woody, Hugh Trethowyn
  • 3 hrs and 34 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

"Old doesn't mean outdated."

44 tricks in all, plus an addendum containing a fix for "Horses that Bite"
Annotated with tips and thoughts for the modern horseman
Includes five original chapters by John Lyons-Certified Trainer Keith Hosman

This book brings together material written by G.H. Sutherland MD and John Lyons certified-trainer Keith Hosman. It is published in two sections. The first is a collection of dozens of classic tricks you can teach your horse, and was written in 1861 by Dr. Sutherland. The second contains five "feats", written by Keith Hosman after finding them to be quite popular at his training clinics.
Why lay down your hard-earned cash for a horse-training book, half of which was written generations ago? Because author G.H. Sutherland could train horses to do tricks that you'd like to learn - and when something works, it works. And in all this time, what's really changed? It's still a human using the same simple tools to teach a horse to do the same maneuvers.
Section I, by GH Sutherland

To Come When Called
To Bow
To Shake Hands
To Knock on the Door
To Stand on a Table
To Jump Through a Hoop
To Lie Down
To Kneel Down
To Sit Up
To Walk on Three Legs
To Stand on Hind Legs
To Walk on Hind Legs
To Say Yes and No
To Waltz
To Carry and Fetch Things
To Unbuckle Saddle Girth and Take Off Saddle
To Open and Shut a Door
To Find Hidden Things
To Spell
To Read
To Add, Subtract, Multiply & Divide
To Play Cards
Plus 16 more tricks!

Section II, by Keith Hosman

Teach Your Horse to Sidepass Toward You on the Ground
Teach Your Horse to Lower Its Head While Standing
Teach Your Horse to Pick Up Its Feet When You Point
Teach Your Horse to Come to You (Using a Roundpen)
Teach Your Horse to Load into a Trailer When You Point
Addendum: Horses That Bite


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  • Release Date: 09-02-2016
  • Publisher: Keith Hosman