Homemade Food

  • by Terrapetti Publishing
  • Narrated by Denise Kahn
  • 3 hrs and 51 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Since the beginning of time, food is what brought us all together. But as the human race evolved over time, our desire for unique culinary experiences grew to an insatiable intrigue to be transported to exotic places and enjoy a rich tapestry of taste. A taste sparked by the leaders of the culinary renaissance of their times, a taste that has been maintained through history, a taste that emerged into a tradition and was perfected from generation to generation. That is exactly why, beyond any stars and culinary degrees, it's always the most passionate cook who will make the tastiest meal.
Terrapetti's World Flavors publication is your passport for the tastiest homemade meals around the globe. A map guiding you into the history, the context and the recipes for the most typical dishes of each country. Foods have crossed borders into other countries and regions, they've conquered frontiers faster than wars and are the inspiration and roots of new emerging tastes and culinary techniques, all of which you will be able to experience through this book.


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More than just a cookbook

Any additional comments?

I found this to be very interesting listen filled with lots of useful information. You don’t get the recipes so much as the how to but you should be able to find them online. This is more about the different cultural from different areas of the world how the history of the food got started, how they mixed and blended until they became the best with unique recipes that really tempt your taste buds. I really enjoyed learning about the different cultural and how they make the best recipes you might find others on line but these are the best of the best.

You are given three authors that take you around the world from different times in our history going into depth and really making it interesting. I really liked knowing how the recipes differ from way back when until now. How things had a different name but it was changed. How each area uses their culture and what they could find on hand to make these delicious recipes. The author really gives you wonderful details that really bring the recipes to life. They tell you how to make it just now how much to put into it. I would have liked to have known just how much along with all the other details they give you. Again you can find this out if one of the recipes really tempts you like they did me.

The author give you recipes that you can make at home not ones you can really go out and order in a restaurant. What fun would that be, I am always amazed when someone goes out to eat and they order food they make at home. If I am going to order you can bet it will be something that takes too long or too complicated to make. These recipes are down to earth some are comfort food with a twist.

I loved Ms. Kahn performance she really brings this to life with her different accents that really pull you in. There is a little of an echo or something that doesn’t really take away from the audio at first but you become use to it. Beside that it was wonderful audio that the narrator really gets into bringing her own life to it. There are no background noise but for the echo or something, no repeat of words. She really gets into character with her different accents and tones. I just loved that part, lord when I tried to say those words it was a mess. You really have to listen to it to really get the true feel of what this narrator brings to it. I really want to listen to more of her work in more of a normal book to see how she does character voices I bet she does a great job.

As I said it was a very interesting audio that really gives lots of useful information on wonderful dishes you can make in your own home. The recipes are in detail with a little history about how each dish got its start and how it may have changed.

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- Cyn

A gastronomical cultural & world history tour!

With just under 70 recipes from thirteen regions of the world, Homemade Food: World Flavors is a gastronomical tour of our planet. More so, it’s a gastronomical cultural and world history tour.

This loving presented cookbook, beautifully narrated by Denise Kahn, puts every recipe into a cultural or historical context when describing its origins and its place in society before moving on to explain how it’s prepared. More than most other recipe books that endeavour to do something similar, Homemade Food: World Flavors, provides enough depth of information that you find yourself respecting the dish you’re about to prepare.

A great number of societies are based around their food, yet the cultural significance of our cuisine is usually overlooked. Terrapetti Publishing has sought to correct this with three authors from three different cultures who have compiled the recipes and details.

Not all information can be taken as gospel – examining the section on Australia, for example, the MCG (Melbourne Cricket Ground) is referred to as The G; Australia’s meat pie is named as Dog's Eye & Dead Horse – old rhyming slang that hasn’t been in common use for a couple of generations at least; and the description of Australian cuisine is one that this Australian food lover barely recognised.

That said, the book conjures up images of culture and place that, while not perhaps entirely accurate or modern, still gives the food context. It’s the recipes themselves that most readers will no doubt be interested in and there’s around 68 dishes that live up to the title – meals that you would and could cook at home from the Americas, Caribbean, Europe, Asian, Middle East, and Australasia

Like the traditions of the regions, some recipes are precise while others just give you the ingredients and method without specific measurements.

Narrator Denise Kahn makes each dish sound mouth-watering. She reads very slowly, allowing time to make notes or for the words to sink in. Her voice is soft and articulate, unlike the recording itself which lacks the sharpness obtained from a professional studio. Kahn’s pronunciation of the various food names is a difficult and commendable feat that she makes sound effortless. Bravo! I’d love to hear the outakes!

This and my other audiobook reviews can be found on my site at SaidNotRead dot wordpress dot com. The challenge of an audiobook reading of a recipe book is the need to regularly hit the pause button or to jot down the details before cooking – unless you have an exceptional memory for what you’ve just heard. For the visually impaired however, or those who struggle with English literacy, this could be a great gift.
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- The Lovely Rod

Book Details

  • Release Date: 12-02-2016
  • Publisher: Terrapetti Publishing