Debt Cures 'They' Don't Want You to Know About

  • by Kevin Trudeau
  • Narrated by Kevin Trudeau
  • 10 hrs and 12 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Are you getting deeper and deeper into debt while they make bigger and bigger profits? Not after you heard Debt Cures "They" Don't Want You To Know About! In this new book, Kevin Trudeau blows the lid off the banking and credit card industries, exposing the greatest rip off of our citizens in this nation's history. The credit card industry is one of the most profitable industries in this country, but they don't want you to know it. You can fight back! You can apply Kevin's solutions to your debt problems, and keep more money in your pocket today. You can learn how to use credit to build wealth! Listen to Debt Cures and cure your debt forever. You will learn:

How the credit lending business is rigged against you!

How the financial industry wants to keep you in debt!

How the banks and credit card companies are making obscene profits off of you and how you can change that!

How to reduce or possible totally eliminate your debt!

How you could cut your payments in half!

How to correct your credit with two magic words!

How to improve your credit virtually overnight!

How to get free money that you never have to pay back! Find out why the financial industry wants to keep you in debt. Turn bad debt into good credit. Create wealth through financial health.


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Customer Reviews

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After buying 100's of books from, this is my first review. This guy should hire somebody who is a professional narrator to actually read his book. I feel like I am listening infomercial and not actual book. Guy repeats himself, using words like "man", making mistakes (because doesn’t sound like he actually reading). You can hear flipping pages in the background. Half of the book the guy talks about "evil corporations" and "evil United States Governments". I mean we got it, credit companies are "evil" in the first half of the chapter one, don't need to hear that over and over again. Claiming to be a whistle blower, and how he gets death threats and hate mail, because he is trying to expose those companies. I am not sure whose whistle he blows, but there is nothing new about credit companies in the way they do business. So don't be full of yourself, you not the first one who talks about how they conduct the business. Author sounds like salesman, which what he is, trying to sell his services. Nothing wrong with this, but don't claim that the only reason you doing this because you want to help people and doing this for free.
Don't expect to learn much, some helpful information, but this is the same kind of garbage you can hear, if you stay up late and watch infomercials, and guys that trying to sell book and tapes to show you how become rich. This one actually tells you that you can become debt free and become millionaire. My advice to readers, skip it. To author get somebody else to read your books, because as a narrator you suck.
I would be returning this book if it was purchased at the actual book store.
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- Phillip Balayan


This is great information but he does not give the resources in this audio book. I still have to buy the actual book to get the resources he's talking about. If I knew that then I would not have purchased the Audio Book I would have brought the Hard Copy Book.
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- Tameko

Book Details

  • Release Date: 04-21-2008
  • Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.