Collapse the World

  • by James Arthur Ray
  • Narrated by James Arthur Ray
  • 3 hrs and 8 mins
  • Original recording Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Modern physics, as well as ancient mysticism, tells us that you literally create your own reality. Your reality is based solely upon where you place your attention. The new physics is proving what the mystical traditions have told us for thousands of years. And one of the practices that's demonstrated its effectiveness time and time again is meditation.Some of the profound tools you'll experience in Collapse the World are:
How to move and operate beyond your physical body to literally increase the energy and authority you possess.

How to utilize the four elemental building blocks of your world that allow you to create anything you desire.

How to use the all-important "5th element" in your life: the element of spiritual power.

How to connect with your "Higher Council" - that transcendent part of you that has all answers to all questions at all times.

How to use a process called "etheric imprinting" to profoundly accelerate the results you produce in every area of your life.The six different experiences you will be guided through in Collapse the World will allow you to eliminate virtually all the stress in your life, increase your feeling of fulfillment, dramatically lengthen your lifespan, and feel happy, peaceful, and content the entire time!


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Customer Reviews

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GIM with bad music

No seminar, lecture, or tangible information in this audio book. It does contain around 6 GIMs. (Guided Imagery Meditations) Intro and narration are typical to any “altered state” type audio and the “breathing instructions” are repeated on every cut. (The unexpected “snorf-haaa” (breathing technique reminder) in the middle of each exercise tends to startle the listener and breaks concentration.)

Where this well intended audio left me disillusioned is a really bad music bed for the meditations. The background consists of only three variations played on an electric piano with pad. These three patterns repeat throughout the entire audio book on each and every cut. I find myself desperately wishing for any other possible sound to break the torment of this loop.

Please don’t confuse this with entrainment music. This is not “trance” nor does it contain any “Binaural Beat Brainwave Entrainment Technologies” as would be typically found in altered state or meditation programs. (i.e., Thompson, Monroe, or Hemi-sync) It is simply a set of guided exercises. I know this because I am a composer who also writes music for entrainment.

No explanation offered for the perceived retail “value” of this collection. Maybe it’s offered to increase your intrinsic satisfaction with this month’s “free” selection.

Other works by this author seem to offer better insight into this esoteric market.
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- Gordon McDonald

Collapse The World

Overpriced Guided meditation.
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- Richard

Book Details

  • Release Date: 03-09-2007
  • Publisher: James Ray International