Cesar's Way

  • by Cesar Millan, Melissa Jo Peltier
  • Narrated by John H. Mayer
  • 9 hrs and 5 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

There are at least 68 million dogs in America, and their owners lavish billions of dollars on them every year. So why do so many pampered pets have problems? In this definitive and accessible guide, Cesar Millan, star of National Geographic Channel's hit show Dog Whisperer with Cesar Millan, reveals what dogs truly need to live a happy and fulfilled life. From his appearances on The Oprah Winfrey Show to his roster of celebrity clients to his reality television series, Cesar Millan is America's most sought-after dog-behavior expert. But Cesar is not a trainer in the traditional sense; his expertise lies in his unique ability to comprehend dog psychology. Tracing his own amazing journey from a clay-walled farm in Mexico to the celebrity palaces of Los Angeles, Cesar recounts how he learned what makes dogs tick. In Cesar;s Way, he shares this wisdom, laying the groundwork for you to have stronger, more satisfying relationships with your canine companions.
Cesar's formula for a contented and balanced dog seems impossibly simple: exercise, discipline, and affection, in that order. Taking readers through the basics of dog psychology and behavior, Cesar shares the inside details of some of his most fascinating cases, using them to illustrate how common behavior issues develop and, more important, how they can be corrected.
Whether you're having issues with your dog or just want to make a good bond even stronger, this audiobook will give you a deeper appreciation of how your dog sees the world, and it will help make your relationship with your beloved pet a richer and more rewarding one.


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Customer Reviews

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This Really Works!

If you only buy one book ever about your dog, make it this one! While his book will not explain how to teach your dog commands (sit, stay, come) it will teach you how to get your dog to operate in the human world, be easy to live with and most importantly, keep you from ending up in a lawsuit. This book is revolutionary, an absolutely essential read for the dog owner. It shows you how to keep your dog in line - no more annoying, destructive and sometimes dangerous behaviors such as obsessiveness about food and toys, acting dominant and aggressive towards other dogs, biting, barking, whining, etc. No other book on dog training teaches this.

I read several books before this one trying to figure out how to get my puppy to behave. She knows basic commands and several tricks, but I found it didn't keep her from chasing people and animals down the road, barking at every noise and jumping up on people. Nothing I read taught me that. After reading this book, however, and using its principles, my puppy has changed dramatically and quickly.

We give our dogs, love and affection and usually that's it! Just like with people (children especially) you can't love your dog into behaving. Exercise and discipline need to come first. Exercise to release their pent up energy and discipline in the form of rules and boundaries, not to be confused with punishment. Then comes the love and affection. This is what leads to a balanced, stable and healthy dog, one that doesn't rule your life.

Keep an open mind while reading this book, as with anything that really works, it may contradict many things that you have heard or read about dog training. It explains the psychology behind dog behavior and how we can teach a dog to adapt to our world, which is much different than theirs. It will change your life and make you and your dog much happier!
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- L. Worthington

Great Read for Open Minded

This is a great book for people who are interested in having a well behaved and much loved pet. It is not the conventional dog training book, and if you want his approach to work, you must be opened minded, you must believe in yourself, your dog, and your ability to have a dog that is well behaved.
Having loved and owned dogs for years, I have accidently employed some of his ideas, like excersise. My dogs alwasys listen better after a 5 mile run. And if you don't have the time in the day to run 5 miles with your dogs, then he gives you other ideas on how to excersise your dog.

I loved his approach and I am using it on my two dogs, but, like anything else, it is not a quick fix, you must be willing to do the homework.

This book is not for someone who is looking to "fix" their dog, that won't happen, he can fix you and your behavior toward your dog, and that will fix any other problems you might be having.
For dog lovers only!!
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- Amazon Customer "lisa"

Book Details

  • Release Date: 04-24-2006
  • Publisher: Books on Tape