Autism Triplet Twist

  • by James E Potvin
  • Narrated by Dave Fung
  • 1 hrs and 47 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Do you have a child with autism or know someone who does? If you can read this book and apply the lessons learned to your life, life will be calmer and your kids will be happier. Congratulations, you are having triplets! Say what? Are you sure? Now what do we do? You must be kidding. Can you double check? You can't be serious. How is that possible? Where can I escape? Do you realize this was not the plan? Why us? Why me? Why now? Can I still work? Will insurance cover this? Do you realize I have never been a parent before? It is shocking and overwhelming! If you have or know someone that has triplets, these are common questions. What is it really like living with triplets? Autism Triplet Twist offers parenting tips for raising triplets. Autism Triplet Twist is a nonfiction collection of short stories of real triplets affected by autism. The title came from having triplets. The oldest daughter and the youngest daughter have autism. The daughter in the middle is totally normal. One of the twists is how can the middle daughter be normal when her oldest and youngest sister have autism? These true stories give parents hope they can learn how to deal with triplets with autism.


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3rd times the charm

**I was given this audio book for free from Audiobook Boom and the author for a honest review.**

A non-fiction collection of short stories of real "triplets" affected by autism. The oldest daughter and the youngest daughter have autism. The daughter in the middle is totally normal. One of the twists is how can the middle daughter be normal when her oldest and youngest sisters have autism?

I've rewritten this review now 3 times.... 3rd times the charm right?

I don't want to make this review sound as though I hated this book. I found it enlightening in several ways. You understand the difficulty of having triplets. You understand the difficulty of finding the right balance between babysitting and work and school. You understand the difficulty of having 2 of the 3 children having autism. My problem lies in more the substance of the book. I felt as though going into this book I was going to understand autism more, I felt that there was going to be..... just more. I was going to get some grand reveal. That there was going to be a for sure answer to why 2 of the 3 children have autism. I also felt as though the title was misleading as well as the description. Not all of the triplets have autism and that's the only twist to the story.

Dave Fung did a good job at being the narrator. However, I don't know if it was the way James Potvin wrote a certain section of the story, or if Dave Fung decided to make it come across as though the father, James, was being as ass to the children. I am all for having fun and teasing your children, but when it comes to them not completely understanding that you're teasing them and they start crying..... call me what you will, but that's when the teasing and joking just isn't so funny to me anymore. I know it was meant to be light hearted but it came across to me as though he had had enough with the question and just took to being an ass to the child. But again it could have just been how it was represented.

I felt by the end I understood more of what a family can go through with having to learn the balance between things before and things after such a change of having children and then finding out 2 are autistic, also, I would have forgotten that there was 3 children had the word triplet not been said so often since the middle child was so rarely talked about. I also felt the idea of this becoming a movie was a bit pushed on the listener. I am sure everyone really wants their story to be made into a movie, but stating it just seemed a bit pushy to me. But again that could just be on me.... I really don't like listening to podcasts where they ask you for a 5 star rating either. I think your review should be honest as I am trying to make this be.

The things I really loved about this story are the self sacrifices, learning from the mistakes, helpful hints and the helpful resources given. I enjoyed that the story was an uplifting one and not one that wanted to focus on the negative.

Over all I think this is a good book for someone wanting to learn from others or wanting to know you are not the only one going through the insanity that has been your normal routine. But for those who are really wanting to learn something more about autism, whether that be medically or professionally then this is definitely not something to base everything on, and the author states as much right at the beginning.
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- Tiffany Fox

Great Read

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Autism Triplet Twist by James E. Potvin was a good quick read. It is a collection of short stories written by a father oftriplets. His oldest and youngest daughters both have autism. This good read can help many parents learn to live and deal with children with autism.

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- Ashley Hedden

Book Details

  • Release Date: 04-27-2017
  • Publisher: James E Potvin