Astral Projection

  • by Craig Beck
  • Narrated by Craig Beck
  • 1 hrs and 35 mins
  • Unabridged Audiobook

Publisher's Summary

Astral projection occurs when you consciously separate your soul or astral body from your physical body. Your consciousness goes with the astral body. The difference between this and an out-of body experience is that astral projection leaves the body with a conscious intent and can last as long as you want it to. When you astral travel, your body is left behind in the physical world, functioning as normally as it would otherwise. A silver cord (which attaches your physical body to the astral body) keeps you connected. At the point of death, the silver cord is severed, you die and your soul continues to its next destination.
Astral projection is not the same as dreaming. Everything appears to be in real life and real time - that is, you are in your room or wherever you lay down to do it.
Any beings you encounter are also real and simply living on the astral plane, as opposed to the earthly prime material plane, as it’s called. There are so many things to do or experience while astral projecting, including:

Accelerated spiritual growth
Finding peace of mind, knowing there is more to life than most assume
Improved psychic powers and awareness
Super-effective problem solving
Encountering lucid dream architecture, ie, experiencing dreams as you never have before
Travelling and exploring the universe

In Astral Projection, featuring hypnosis-induced astral travel techniques, number-one best-selling spiritual author Craig Beck reveals the secrets behind achieving possibly the most profound events of your life.


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much more than I expected

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The content of the book is very good for a beginner or if it is your first book in this subject. It is very easy to understand. The author has a pleasant voice and I like the dynamics of his style. If you are a buddhist, you will not find anything new here but the part of astral projection and its advantage. He does not go deep into details and exercises about how to get your experience, but in my opinion there is not many things to say anyways. You need to learn how to relax well and let your body to fall a sleep mean while you try to keep yourself somehow awake at the same time (very strange concept). He suggests 3 types of projection and you choose one that it is better for you. I recommend you to try to exercise the one you choose with visualization until you almost can see the thing well in your mind. I like to image that I am floating or flying. I had prior experiences and it was a long time ago when I was studying the subject in my country. To be honest, in a way, it is very scary because it is something new and you don't have much control of what is going on. It's like learning to ride a bicycle in the middle of a busy city. As soon as you realize, you are out of your physical body and if you don't keep yourself calm, you will rush yourself back into the body. When this happens, it sounds like a fluttering of the wind in your ears (if that make sense). It feels like you are falling from high altitude to a deep valley very fast. The experience is so real that you don't have any doubt that it happened. It is not a creation of the mind because it is real as I am here looking into my computer writing this. When you are out of your body and aware, the cloud like sensation of the dream disappear and everything looks more bright and vibrant and it has a different feeling that I cannot describe. Going back to the book, the last chapter has an hypnotic type of induction that it will help you to get in a trance consequently helping you to detach yourself from the physical body. His voice and the sounds that he chose to use, could not be better. It is very well done with exceptional skill. But first, before you listen to this part, I advise you to learn to relax and learn visualization. (get a book about this subject if you need). As you do this over and over again, and the time goes by, you will have your experience but you need to be very patient. And remember, always ask for protection because there are lots of negative energy around us and you don't want them to come close to you (when they are very negative they don't look nice, if you know what I mean). Overall I recommend this book.

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- rosangela

Yes,Yes,Yes This should be taught in schools

The basic foundation of the premise.
Of course, we aren't stuck in this body while we are in the physical.
WE have designed a way to go back to our natural state to revive our spirits
without having to be completely detached from the physical incarnation(death)

However, the mediation at the end didn't do it for me.
I have been able to achieve the results with a personal technique.
But still, an amazing book!!!!!
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- Melina Gaglioti

Book Details

  • Release Date: 01-30-2012
  • Publisher: Viral Success Ltd